Valentine Tea Alert! Love Tea #7 from David’s Tea. . .

My lovely, kind, smart and wonderful fiancé has one fatal flaw. He doesn’t like strawberries, you guys. STRAWBERRIES. How?! I wish I could tell you. I, on the other hand, clearly am a fan. So when I dug this tea out of my sample stash, I knew that this could go one of two ways: I could love it, and rejoice in the more-for-me glory, or it could fall seriously flat and I wouldn’t be able to pawn it off on him as I so often do with teas that I don’t love (Whoops. Sorry for all the rejects, honey).

At first sniff, I could pick out all the key players– chocolate, strawberry and rose, all present and accounted for. My hopes rose even more after steeping a generous teaspoon in my cup– the brewed aroma alone made my kitchen smell like I’d just finish dipping a batch of chocolate-covered berries.

And did it deliver? YES. (insert hallelujah hands emoji *here*). I lost a little bit of the rose in the brewed tea, but my cup was perfectly evocative of my favorite little red fruit covered in creamy, sweet chocolate. As a latte, this was divine.

Thankfully, this little pouch will get tucked away in the all-mine corner of my tea cabinet, and I don’t think my fiancé will mind one bit.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black Tea
Where to Buy:  David’s Tea

A romantic blend of black tea, chocolate, strawberries and rose petals.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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