The Brew Is Out There from Geeky Teas. . . . .

This green tea is just the right thing for a person with Election Recovery jitters. I spent the night of the United States’ election getting progressively sicker as the tides turned against my candidate of choice. I mean literally sick. Like, throwing up. I have “no chill,” as the kids these days say. No poker face. My body betrays my true feelings every time.

I am a tender, fragile flower.

This tea is the perfect flavor and softness for such faint-of-heart, delicate creatures as myself. It’s a light vanilla citrus (orange/lemon) taste on a springy green base.

The flavor is savory without being over-the-top. It’s a gentle tea for a quiet and thoughtful day.

I would liken this tea to a favorite blanket fresh out of the dryer. Soft, warm, aromatic, and comforting.

This tea is named “The Brew Is Out There,” which is an X-Files reference.

I don’t associate this tea with the X-Files. Unless you count the fact that I’m sort of hoping to be abducted by aliens before our new president comes into power

What does one do to encourage an abduction? Stand in the middle of a farm and wait?

Come for me, aliens. I’m ready.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green Teas
Where to Buy:  Geeky Teas

Green tea with vanilla, orange peels, natural lemon and orange flavor and sunflower petals, goes great with honey from hybridized bees. Brews up a lovely green color.

I want to believe

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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