Watermelon MajesTea from Cup of Love. . . . .

Watermelon…it’s one of those fruits that many people seem to LOVE or HATE…rarely a ‘Happy Medium’ with Watermelons…it seems! Lucky for me I LOVE Watermelon! So when I saw that the sister company of Vampyre Tea was attempting to perfect their dried watermelon for Watermelon MajesTea from Cup of Love I was VERY excited to try it!

Watermelon MajesTea from Cup of Love contains Oolong Tea, Dried Watermelon, Chunks of White Nectarine, Papaya Pieces, Plum Petals, & Safflower Petals. I’m fairly certain that they dry (dehydrate) the watermelon themselves because I saw their posts on Facebook! I will say that the dried watermelon was a bit sticky to touch but it proved how fresh and REAL it was and that made me even more intrigued!

I really have to pause a moment and tell you about the AMAZING aroma of this tea! The watermelon scents were VERY strong. The smell busted thru the packaging. IMPRESSIVE! This was an intensely flavored oolong.

Flavor-wise the watermelon was the rock star but the chunks of other fruit were a nice addition and seem to round out the fruity flavor nicely. The petals were more for show but still appreciated. No matter which way I slice it I keep going back to the aroma and flavor the watermelon gives off in this. If you are a fan of watermelon like I am I’m pretty sure you will get a KICK out of this flavored oolong. Watermelon MajesTea from Cup of Love is more than ‘just’ a tea…it’s an experience!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Oolong
Where to Buy: Cup of Love

Lush and tasty, this cool, sweet and refreshing Oolong Tea is fortified with delicious (and rare) dried Watermelon and chunks of soft White Nectarines, Payapa, and radiant Safflower Petals. Fragrant and intoxicating, this fine, exotic tea is treasure to behold!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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