Extinction Event from Tea Historic. . . . .

If you don’t already know I am a HUGE Dinosaur Enthusiast. It’s the main reason I was drawn to Tea Historic as a company – other than the tea – of course! When I saw Extinction Event from Tea Historic I knew it was going to be EPIC! I mean – with a name with Extinction Event – it HAD to be, right?

This Extinction Event Tea from Tea Historic is made up of hand-rolled golden tippy black Yunnan tea and white Yunnan jasmine pearls. The black tea carries a hint of sweetness with a little spice to provide a bit of a ‘give and take’ with your taste buds. The white tea adds a mild, sweet floral note that turns a bit buttery towards the end sip.

I have found the hotter the better for infusing this ‘bad boy’. The large hand rolled ball of black tea expands nicely the hotter the water is. The Jasmine Pearls unwind with little to no effort. The black bundle of goodness takes 2 infusions to fully release. I LOVE it because that means multiple infusions with little to no sacrifice to the bold taste.

Something I found clever on the company website about this tea was they refer to the Chinese black dragon pearls as “asteroids” and the Jasmine Pearls as ‘little splinter “rocks”. Tea Historic gives Dinosaur fans another ‘educated guess’ as to what happened to the creatures. They say it’s a tastier version of the fatal meteor strike that may have ended this historic tea party.

This tea blend comes in individual packets with the recommended amount of tea already pre-measured, no counting or sorting required, which is good for me because sometimes I don’t feel like thinking in the morning!

The flavor of this tea lives up to it’s name! I have to say I am a pretty hardcore fan of this tea and the creative genius that goes along with it! Well done!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black Tea/White Tea Blend
Where to Buy:  Tea Historic

This beautiful hand-rolled golden tippy black Yunnan tea will carry a hint of sweetness with a little counterbalance of spice. The white Yunnan jasmine pearls add a mild, sweet floral note that turns this into a buttery cup of deliciousness!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

2 thoughts on “Extinction Event from Tea Historic. . . . .

  1. I love this article.It is very knowledgeable and of course I am a tea lover so I was attracted.When I visited Sr Lanka I got attracted to tea.You have to visit their tea plantations to take a look.We went to Hayleys tea export plantation and highly inspired on the effort they take to produce tea which we drink.

  2. True Harleen,I am currently doing a research on types of tea and their constitution and this article gave some valuable information to me.I also have visited tea plantations in Sri Lanka and I recommend anyone visiting there to definitely take a visit to a tea estate.I have also tasted their tea which is very unique to them.

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