Green Defense from Tocha Tea. . . . . .

Every time I look at this tea’s name — “Green Defense” — I automatically change it in my mind to “Green Defense Against The Dark Arts.” You know, a tea that Harry Potter would drink to fortify himself against mind attacks from Voldemort.

Tocha Tea’s site says that this tea “stimulates your senses while supporting overall wellness.” The description is unclear about the use of the word “defense.” Is it a defense against… sickness? Sadness? Malaise? ENNUI?*

* (“Ennui” is a favorite word in my very nerdy family. It’s a French term that means “existential dread” and/or “boredom with one’s very existence.”)

So anyway, whether it’s ennui or wizards, this tea’s going to help you out. I didn’t research this tea before drinking it, but I’m to the point where I realized very quickly it was a jasmine green tea. (So proud. I’m growing up so fast.) Jasmine green tea has that very distinctive flavor that I associate with “going to the Chinese restaurant and ordering tea.”

This tea, however, is much classier than the stuff they give you at the Chinese restaurant. It has a deeper, richer flavor profile. It tastes like a liquid version of the metal bronze, mixed with the joy of the library in Beauty and the Beast. (Am I the only person who saw that scene as a child and gasped in wonder? Even as an adult, Belle is my princess. The Nerd Princess.) If it were a font, it’d be a tasteful serif font like Mrs Eaves. (I’ll wait while you look that up.)

I am having a fairly interesting day, medically (sort of dizzy for some reason?), so I’ve got my fingers crossed that this tea will defend me against that. We’ll have to keep an eye out.

We’ll also have to keep an eye out for dark magic. If I get attacked by a Death Eater and survive, I promise to write a follow-up post to this praising this tea even further.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green
Where to Buy: Tocha Teas

Chrysanthemum has been used in China for thousands of years as a daily beverage to promote healthy well being. We combine this prized flower with jasmine green tea to deliver an invigorating blend with unparalleled fragrance that stimulates your senses while supporting overall wellness.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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