Peeps Genmaicha from A Quarter To Tea. . . Take That Tea Name In. . .


That is right. Someone has combined Peeps with tea-or at least the flavor of Peeps with tea.

Peeps seem to split people into two groups, those that love them and those that despise them. I belong to the group that love them. I’ve yet to met a marshmallow product that I don’t adore.

Peeps Genmaicha consists of sprinkles, sencha green tea, popped rice, marshmallow root and a few other natural flavorings.  You just have to love the sight of this tea.  All of the lovely sprinkles adding a wonderful touch of spring to the blend.

As I steeped (170F water and used my Boreal Wildcraft-the WALL tea infuser)  this tea, I sat in awe and enjoyed the delicious aromas that were coming from my cuppa.  There was such a wonderful sweetness with a toasted note that I couldn’t get enough of.  When the tea was ready, I allowed the tea to cool for a few minutes and greedily gulped the brew down.

Think fluffy toasted marshmallows with a buttery rich finish. That is exactly what this tea tastes like. There is a subtle Peep noticeable flavor but I would honestly compare this tea more to a toasted marshmallow that you would roast over an open flame without any of the campfire smell. You can literally taste the ooey-gooey roasted marshmallow sweetness.

Right along with the marshmallow flavor, there is also this wonderfully addictive vanilla pudding note that is apparent in about every other sip. I find myself craving that flavor and wanting more of it.

Genmaicha has always been on of my favorites and to have that lovely flavor paired with vanilla and marshmallow flavors is just brilliant. I took down 2 oz of this tea in just a few days and will be ordering 4oz of this tea as soon as I can.  This is one of those teas that I literally infuse the leaves until they can not give anymore and promptly set myself up with fresh leaves to start all over again. And since  I’m using my WALL tea infuser, I just keep adding water so I have a continuous brew waiting for me.

Highly recommend this blend and this will be a repeat buy for me.   Here’s to hoping Lauren @A Quarter To Tea will keep this blend in permanent lineup and not just in her spring collection .  Peeps Genmaicha is that good.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green Tea
Where to Buy:  A Quarter To Tea

A toasted marshmallow delight with roasty genmaicha, marshmallow, and brightly colored sprinkles

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

2 thoughts on “Peeps Genmaicha from A Quarter To Tea. . . Take That Tea Name In. . .

  1. Definitely went and ordered a pouch immediately after reading this. You know how to sell marshmallow teas, girl! 😉 I can’t wait for mine to get here!

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