Passion Fruit Na Pali from Hawaiian Islands Tea Company. . . . . .

My cousin, a sailor in the Navy, and I have one big thing in common. I can guarantee you it’s not our skill at feats of endurance and strength (hi, he’s a sailor and I’m a therapist), nor the nuclear-science minded brain (I have a master’s degree, but not THAT kind of master’s degree) or even our physical location (can you tell from my pale, pale Midwestern skin that I’ve never even stepped foot in his current state of residence, Hawaii?).

Nope, my friends– it’s our love of tea. We only see each other once, maybe twice a year, but without fail, every Christmas, he comes home with all sorts of Hawaiian treats– and if I’m lucky, there’s some awesome teas included in the mix. This year, this intriguing and tropical passion fruit black tea found its way under the Christmas tree, and I only just recently had the chance to crack it open.

This tea comes pre-bagged– teas of which usually find their way into my office desk drawer for perfect mid-day brewing. It’s got some acidic bite from the black tea, but brewed up with a touch of honey, sweet and tangy passionfruit notes come out to play. It’s a great treat, reminiscent of tropical Hawaii (like I’d know, but you know what I mean) without being overdone.

Definitely one I’ll continue to reach for as this Midwestern winter continues to drag on and on– one sip, and I’m practically on a beach!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  Hawaiian Islands Tea Company

Anyone who’s traveled to the Na Pali coast of Kauai understands the majesty of the mountains standing against the pounding of the sea. It is this boldness that inspired the name of our bold and practically perfect passion fruit tea.

Made with classic Camellia Sinensis tea leaves and natural flavoring. Rich in polyphenols (antioxidant), our Passion Fruit Tea has lasting flavor, even after prolonged storage.

Contains 20 individual tea bags

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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