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The WALL Tea Infuser from Boreal Wildcraft . . . .

The WALL Tea Infuser from Boreal Wildcraft . . . .


Today is my birthday so I am taking over SororiTea Sisters with all things I love.  And I have recently fallen in love with the most amazing tea infuser that I can’t get enough of.  . . . . The WALL Tea Infuser from Boreal Wildcraft.  

The WALL Tea Infuser is a simple yet creative idea.  So picture this. . .a high quality glass mug with a tea strainer infused into the  opening of the mug, an inch or so from the opening of the mug.  Quite a description.  This mug is just something to behold. . .

The way this mug works is pretty straight forward.  Add your tea into the mug, add in your prepped water, allow the tea to brew, and enjoy while the tea continues to steep.  The strainer is ingeniously fused to the side of one wall of the mug allowing you the ability to comfortably drink your tea without ending up with a mouth full of leaves.

What this mug does brilliantly is allow the tea drinker to get a more in depth feel of their tea. Your nose is literally right in the mug while the tea leaves are still steeping delivering an incredibly intimate tea experience.

I will honestly say that this tea infuser has driven flavors out of teas that I’ve missed. And these are teas that I’ve been drinking for some time for a while now.  Sweet flavors that were subtle before pop.  Green teas seem to have developed a richer flavor.  Black teas have a stronger robust flavor.  White teas simply sing when infused with The Wall.

 Flavored black teas did seem to oversteep easily when using this vessel to brew, which makes sense. Flavored black teas can oversteep pretty easily.  But to me, straight black teas delivered flavors I have never noticed before.

Quite simply, I am in love with this mug.   There are a few quirks to the mug that once you conquer you are set.  The first time I drank from the mug, I ended up with a mouth full of leaves because I didn’t tilt the mug just right.  I also noticed that the mug does tend to get quite warm -almost hot-when you first pour water into the mug.  Which is quickly rectified with a mug cozy.

This mug is now  a STAPLE in my tea drinker routine.  I use this mug every time I drink tea (even the occasional bagged tea) and am enjoying tea more than ever before. And I’m one of those tea drinkers that can take down an ounce of tea in a day, if not two. Plus the design and construction of this mug make this vessel perfect for at work brewing.  And you can’t beat having a piece of tea ware that is a breeze to clean.

With this mug-  I’m now excited to try teas that may have seemed bland to me before.  To whiff those first notes of the tea leaves when the water is poured in.  To really get a more in depth flavor from steeping the leaves longer.  To really enjoy the intimacy of that first sip of tea after a really hard day or to start your day off right.  This mug brings all the tea love you can stand and more.

I can’t recommend this mug enough for anybody who is a causal tea drinker, a beginning tea drinker or a tea enthusiast.  Your teaware isn’t complete without this piece of tea love in your collection.

Here’s the scoop!

Where to Buy:  Boreal Wildcraft

The Wall* tea cup is the simplest and cleanest way to infuse tea, herbs and berries in a single cup.  The glass cup has a fused glass strainer on the preferred drinking side to act as a filtration barrier to keep the leaves from your mouth allowing for a full, unconstricted infusion to occur.  The cup comes in 2 sizes – 310ml & 440ml, also in both left and right handed options.

Each unit is handmade from 100% borosilicate glass (laboratory grade, heat resistant), and have proven to be extremely durable through extensive testing.  Because the entire unit is made from the same material, they are fully recyclable as well as dishwasher and microwave safe!

The Wall* Tea Infuser – Simple, Beautiful.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

3 thoughts on “The WALL Tea Infuser from Boreal Wildcraft . . . .

  1. Okay, I continue to be so fascinated by this cup! I might need to take the plunge and add one to my collection after this. I’m still a little skeptical (don’t some get bitter/oversteeped if you leave the leaf in the whole time?) but hearing your description about how it brings out so much nuance is SO INTERESTING. You’re a good saleswoman, Nichole! 😉

    And happy, happy birthday, friend! 🙂

    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes my dear! You are a doll!

      I’ve only had a problem with one tea oversteeping in the mug so far and that was probably more my fault with overleafing than anything else. If you do use this mug, you want to make sure that you don’t forget about your tea for say an hour and then go back to it. Just like any new brewing vessel, once you get the hang of it you are set. 🙂

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