London Fog Caramels from Tout de Sweet Confections. . . .

You can find some pretty awesome things if you know where to look. For instance, my sister and I recently hit up the One of a Kind show in Toronto and found a whole bunch of awesome artisans, all of whom had some pretty amazing products. Especially those who had food offerings. Samples galore and some pretty tasty snacks were abound and in one little booth, some of the tastiest caramels were to be found.

Now, a little background. My brother-in-law is allergic to something called soy protein. It is not something that people usually have heard of and since soy is in almost everything (though usually it is soy lecithin, which he can eat), he is often told he can’t have a lot of things. So, when we found these local companies making fresh treats, we stocked up since these were things he actually could eat. And since there were sales when you bought everything in bulk, my sister and I had quite the haul.

Caramels are my brother-in-law’s favorite so the minute my sister and I saw the Tout de Sweet Confections booth, we rushed over. The two women operating the booth were incredibly sweet (oops…pun not intended) and despite the huge crowds, they took the time to talk to their patrons and pass out samples. My sister asked to try either their sea salt caramel or their lavender caramel and was given a sample of each. I zeroed in on the London Fog caramels made with Silk Road Tea’s Imperial Earl Grey black tea. They probably would have let us sample everything on their counter from the various caramel flavors and fruit chews to the homemade marshmallows and everything in between, however my sister and I were sold with just the few samples of caramels we had (did I mention the caramels are organic?) and were worried we would buy one of everything if we kept going.

The first thing my sister and I both noticed was just how incredibly soft these caramels were. Honestly…it was impressive. Usually soft caramels are chewy and have some tack which makes it a little worrisome as far as teeth are concerned (in fact, I cracked a tooth on a chewy caramel once – not fun) but these are like biting into…something super soft (unfortunately all I could come up with is: soft cheeses but that seems gross, a cloud but that would be more like fluffy cotton candy; and a pillow but who bites a pillow).

Anyways, after I got over my amazement at the indescribable softness of these caramels, I could focus on the flavor and trust me, there is a lot of it here. Caramel? Check. Vanilla? Check. Cream? Check. Earl Grey? Double check. Now for those who have read my other posts, you might know my relationship with bergamot is not necessarily a strong one but here I am actually really liking it. The citrus note of bergamot helps to really make the caramel pop while taming what could be an over-the-top sweet treat. And mixed with the London Fog elements, this is just a delight. Each component is present and distinct and yet they all blend together perfectly to create a small bit of yum.

I have been snacking on these all day and I would highly recommend them if you can get your hands on them. Unless you want to lose weight…then they are a bit addictive and you might curse me for mentioning them. I am learning that the hard way. However, 45 calories for 2 pieces doesn’t seem too bad…I mean I ate the box but it’s probably fine, right?

Here’s the scoop!

Where to Buy:  Tout de Sweet Confections

Tout de Sweet Caramels organic caramels are a soft creamy treat. We hand cut and wrap each of these sweet treats, making them a true labour of love.

Choose from an array of 8 different flavours!

To create our wide selection of deep rich flavours we infuse the butter and whipping cream with raw ingredients (lavender buds, fresh rosemary, chai spices, fennel seed, espresso, or Silk Road’s Imperial Earl Grey Tea) and caramelize the sugar “just so”. All our caramels are corn free, nut free, and gluten free.

We don’t use any additive or stabilizers so store your caramels in a cool dry environment and enjoy them tout de suite. But they will last up to 5 months on the shelf.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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