Orange Date Cake from Steeped Tea. . . .

Orange Date Cake from Steeped Tea. Whit a name like that I knew I HAD to try it! Best part was it’s dairy and guilt free! It contains Date Bits which are made up of Dates and Rice Flour, Currants, Sunflower Oil, Orange Wedges, Cinnamon Bits, Fig Bits which are made up of Figs and Rice Flour, and flavors.

I was super excited that they used the Rice Flour as the ingredient for the cake likeness and not actual cake chunks that could contain dairy and/or eggs! And I was also stoked that they used Sunflower Oil for the anti-caking agent and clearly noted that on the bag!

Orange Date Cake from Steeped Tea was pretty fantastic! I have to admit I was completely blown away with the flavor of these natural ingredients! The Dates and Figs were so wonderfully sweet! The Orange was juicy-citrus at it’s best! The Cinnamon played an important part, too, and was hefty on it’s own. YUM!

This is a VERY LARGE and CHUNKY blend of ingredients. You can see everything without looking real close.

It has sweet and almost caramel-like notes to it in addition to a brown sugar flavor without it actually having any added sugars! Only the natural sugars from the dried fruits here, folks!

Yeah! Totally LOVING this Fruit Tea/Tisane. I don’t know if I have ever said that about a fruit based tea. This was a beautiful surprise!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Tisane
Where to Buy:  Steeped Tea
You’ll be on a sunny cloud nine with swirling hints of orange and cinnamon.
Ingredients: Date bits (dates, rice flour), currants (currants, sunflower oil [anti-caking agent]), orange wedges, cinnamon bits, cardamom, fig bits (figs, rice flour), natural flavors.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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