Star Wars Giveaway!! Fandom Teas Inspired by #StarWars from Adagio Teas

Adagio Teas is one of those tea companies that I have always adored.  Being the self professed lover of all things fandom related, Adagio Teas’s customs blends have always had a special place in my heart. The fact that you can create your own blend to represent your beloved fandom and enjoy this creation while watching your favorite show or playing your favorite game. . . .I mean that is what drinking tea is all about.  Enjoying life’s moments while having a trusty cuppa by your side.

With all of the Star Wars love that is going on this week, we thought this would be a great time to giveaway three sample  tins of Star Wars inspired Adagio Teas Custom Blends to one lucky reader! Power Down (R2-D2), Bowcaster Brown (Chewie), and Blast (Finn). These blends sound amazing. . .especially Bowcaster Brown.  I may have to pick up a tin of that one next time I order from Adagio Teas!


May the Force Be With You and Good luck!!

Adagio Teas Star Wars Giveaway!



9 thoughts on “Star Wars Giveaway!! Fandom Teas Inspired by #StarWars from Adagio Teas

  1. One of my favorite characters from Star Wars is Chew Bacca. And, the Bowcaster tea looks really good! Would love to try!

  2. Because I LOVE her hair Princess Leila AND yes, I always tried to mimic her hair when I was young. When I got older and discovered they were hair pieces I was SOOO disappointed.

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