Akiya Estate Arunachal Pradesh FTGFOP (CL – SPL) – 2016 from Capital Teas Limited. . . .

I would describe today’s tea (Akiya Estate Arunachal Pradesh FTGFOP 2016) as “juicy.” It has a plum/nectarine vibe to it like someone stealthed a little bit of Goya fruit juice in there. It’s a straight black, which makes this a delightful surprise. The flavor is bright & perky, like the appearance of the tea itself (golden tipped leaves, much lighter than the average black).

I think this tea would be a good introduction to straight blacks. I, too, once feared the straight tea. How could it be so complex and interesting as everyone says? Are they cray-cray or something?

Liking straight tea has not classed up my personality whatsoever. I’m wearing a sweater with a cartoon fox illustration on it. My desk has three stuffed animals (Grumpy Cat, Pikachu, Deadpool), three action figures (Captain America, Winter Soldier, Mystique), and a Dog-A-Day calendar on it. There are also two sarcastic pen-mugs, one of which says “CAPTAIN OF INDUSTRY,” and the other of which says “CUSTOMER SERVICE WEEK.” I also have a Penn State Nittany Lion Lego-compatible mini-figure hot-glued to my lamp.

My point here is that this tea — like many straight teas — is not un-approachable. You can feel free to try it. Explore it. Get in there and see if you can taste those mysterious Other Flavors. Much like alligator allegedly “tastes like chicken,” this tea “tastes like juice.” Get on board!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  Capital Tea Limited

Exceptional quality golden tipped leaves from and esteemed tea maker in Arunachal Pradesh near Assam. These leaves produce an incredibly well rounded and sweet tasting medium bodied tea liquor with complex malty flavour notes and with stone fruit-like overtones

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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