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The one issue  it seems that most loose leaf tea drinkers have is how to store your tea properly so the leaves stay fresh.  An organized tea loose leaf tea collection is always a goal for me.  I always hate it when a tea finds its way to the back of my tea stash and I forget about it.  So my goal has been to keep my tea stash under a hundred teas and to figure out a more organized way to keep all my teas fresh.

That is where I found Infinity Jars.  Infinity Jars provides an assortment of different glass containers that are airtight and provide ultraviolet protection.  I don’t have the best set up for my tea collection, mainly because of the lay out of my house.  My tea stash always ends up in my kitchen which has two giant windows.  So the ultraviolet part of this product caught my eye as much as the airtight containers.

When the containers arrived, I washed them and allowed them to dry for a few days.  Poured my tea in, labeled them with the convenient labels that come with the jars, and put the jars on the counter by one of those windows I mentioned earlier.

Infinity Jars provides a vast assortment of different containers, several seem to be more than suitable for tea leaves, especially the flavored genmaicha that I was looking to store.  For this particular tea, I grabbed one of the glass screw bottle.

I have to say, this jar kept my tea fresh for several weeks without any issues of sun or air damage.  Besides being made from an incredibly durable jar, this jar allowed me to take my loose leaf tea with my on the go and enjoy my tea easier at work.  The jars fit securely into  compartment in my laptop bag without any fuss.

In the past I’ve used Mason jars but they haven’t always kept my teas the freshest nor were they the easiest to tote around.  These jars were compact, perfect to slip into a tote bag or like I said my computer bag, and kept my teas fresh.  My only complaint is that the jars are not stackable but what I’m actually thinking about doing is getting a spice rack, buying several of these containers and then have a rotating tea stash that will easily fit onto my counter.

It may not be the ultimate tea storage idea, but this idea beats what I was using and I’m looking forward to a more organized tea stash.  An organized tea stash equals a happy tea drinker!

Here’s the scoop!

Where to Buy:  Infinity Jars

100,000+ customers can confirm the power of ultraviolet glass! Ordinary jars are outmatched when pitted against Infinity Jars which block out visible light and are truly airtight and watertight. Infinity Jars can preserve dried goods for 6+ months (and for years in some cases!).

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