Culture Cola. . .A Kombucha from Live Beverages. . . . .

I love kombucha so much.

I love the fizziness, and I love the happy feeling that I get from drinking it, and I love the benefits of probiotics. Live beverages is located in Austin Texas which I will visit sometime in my life. They make a line of soda inspired kombuchas which are just absolutely amazing. I reviewed their root beer kombucha here awhile ago, and today I am trying their cola version, called Culture Cola. It’s obviously a play on coke or pepsi. I seriously don’t know how they make their kombuchas taste like soda, but I’m so happy!

This tastes just like a cola, except each serving has only twenty calories, and five grams of sugar. The bottle says it holds 1.5 servings, so the whole bottle has thirty calories and 7.5 grams of sugar. Not bad at all, especially for how delicious and sweet this tastes. Besides the delicious flavor, something else i love is that this is one of the least expensive kombuchas I’ve found.

I said on my root beer review that I think these would be great for anyone who is wanting to give up soda, but having a hard time. This is a great way to get that flavor, and the carbonation in a much healthier way. I know that Live kombucha is sold at a lot of Target stores, and also Natural Grocers. Not sure where else it’s sold, but if you happen to see it I say give it a try.

It’s really remarkable how they get that soda flavor into a bottle of kombucha. This is also perfect for people who find some kombuchas to be a little on the vinegar-y side, none of that here. I’ve tried almost all of their flavors and haven’t had a bad one yet!!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Kombucha
Where to Buy:  Live Beverages

Our Culture Cola brings you a new take on the classic, with that crisp + refreshing cola taste and a whole lotta feel good to go with it. Our version is more than just another soft drink: it’s a probiotic powerhouse.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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