HoneyBush from Numi. . . . .

I haven’t had honey since going vegan over eight years ago. I used to love honey in my tea. When I took my first sip of this tea, I felt like I was a kid drinking herbal tea with lots of honey in it. It has a beautiful aftertaste of honey. It’s perfectly outbalanced. It’s sweet without being too sweet, just like I remember honey.

Apparently honeybush is related to the rooibos plant. I can tell they’re related. Honeybush tea has a similar earthy taste just with a very pleasant sweet finish.

This tea is caffeine free so it is a delicious anytime tea. It would be an amazing dessert tea. I enjoyed this tea two ways. I had it both warm and iced and I loved it both ways. This is one of my favorite herbal teas and I’m just so glad I discovered it!

Just like rooibos tea, honeybush tea is full of antioxidants. I love drinking something that not only tastes so lovely, but is also so good for me as well.

If you haven’t tried honeybush tea yet, you need to do yourself the biggest favor and try it!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Honeybush
Where to Buy:  Numi

From South Africa, our organic Honeybush is a flowering shrub that yields a rich earthy brew with sweet honey overtones. This secret healer is rich in antioxidants.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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