Detox Herbal Supplement with Green Tea from Lipton

What a name! Detox Herbal Supplement with Green Tea from Lipton. Goodness. What this tea really should be called is amazing tasting Detox tea that you’ll want to drink that isn’t overwhelmingly spiced with ginger and is one of the best grapefruit teas around!  Yes, that’s right. . . Grapefruit Detox tea. . .

I am one of those that is constantly on the look out for great tasting detox teas. Not because of the whole losing weight detox plan but because I have found that detox teas with spices like nettle and yes ginger, can actually help me feel better.  But so many of those teas make you want to just gulp the tea to get it over with instead of experiencing and really enjoying the tea.

Recently, we were asked to review a new Wellness line of teas from Lipton.  I will be 100% honest here.  Lipton is the tea I grew up on and still drink it from time to time at my parents house.  But beyond that, I don’t drink a whole ton of Lipton products.  So when these teas showed up at my door, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  What ended up happening, is that I fell in love with a Lipton tea!

Brewed up with water prepped right under boiling, I steeped this tea sachet for about 4 minutes. While the tea was steeping, I kept sticking my nose in the steam to get the wonderful aromas that were omitting from my cuppa.  Right away, you can pick up the grapefruit essential oil. Such a lovely fresh and clean smell. I couldn’t wait for the tea to cool so I could take a sip.

First sip in and my search for a grapefruit has been satisfied. This tea is delicious. Grapefruit and green tea are the major flavors you pick up and towards the end of each sip is this really lovely herbal finish.  There is a sweet, tart, vegetal, and herbal contrasting play each and every time you take a sip of this tea.

Super happy with this tea and especially with how this tea is in a easy tea bag form.  I was even happier when I was in my local grocery store the other day and this tea was sitting on the shelf.

Now I have a great detox tea with nettle and dandelion root along with a grapefruit tea that makes me smile.  I’m a happy tea loving gal!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green
Where to Buy:  Lipton

Bounce back to you with the new Lipton Detox Herbal Supplement with Green Tea, containing dandelion, nettle, and grapefruit. Detox is an herbal infusion that’s the perfect companion to clean eating*. Carefully selected botanicals are blended with green tea and grapefruit essential oil that make every cup delicious. Enjoy a daily cup or two of Lipton Detox to supplement your varied, balanced diet.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

10 thoughts on “Detox Herbal Supplement with Green Tea from Lipton

  1. Hi Dana! I actually didn’t have side effects of any of the traditional *detox* issues. The only side effects is that I don’t feel as bloated but I never found myself having stomach issues, etc.

    Hope that helps!

  2. Odd…I couldn’t get past the smell to get a sip. Nasty in my opinion. I enjoy the stress less tea though – I can get behind the lavender scent!

    1. I’ve heard that from others. The smell didn’t seem to bother me. But put lavender in front of me and I wouldn’t be able to handle that. That’s what is so great about tea. So many options for all tea drinkers!

  3. I tried it tonight.. love.. love.. love it!! Our family drinks lots of different teas.. didn’t know what to expect out of the detox but tried it and I think it’s fantastic. Always, Sandy

  4. I recently came across this tea while grocery shopping and like with most teas I get i hope not to regret it. Surprisingly enough I loved it!! It’s flavors are not overwhelming and I feel less bloated in the morning and the best part I didn’t get any side effects. This will be in my pantry from now on.

  5. I came across this tea in a magazine ( I don’t remember which) yikes! Ok so took me like two months to find!
    So this morning I woke up feeling bloated and with cramps ugh! thought good time to try this tea.. I let it sit for about after 5 minutes, uncovered and a wonderful grapefruit scent came out of my cup! 😍 I was supper excited- only because I’ve been on a hunt for a great tea with good taste and results. Well people this is the go to tea! It’s perfect, light, earthly with a slight taste of grapefruit which is pleasantly surprising and great to enjoy at any time of the day! ❤️ Thanks Lipton!

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