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Teas have characteristics that make them better under certain circumstances. Some teas are great in the morning as a pick me up, some are better as a mid-afternoon brew, and others are better for healing specific ailments. The Dragon Well Tea from Enjoying tea is a perfect afternoon tea and provides a milder version of traditional green tea.

My initial impression of this tea was an excitement of the large flat leaf that this loose tea presented. It was refreshing to be able to truly see the tea leaf rather than have the small processed leaves that are familiar to me in black teas. The leaves themselves had a musky scent and even from the aroma of this tea, it was easy to see that it was a high quality green tea.

When brewed, this tea produced a gorgeous light tan color. Rather than the brew keeping its musky flavor, the tea had a mellow-sweet taste and was exceptionally smooth. There is a nutty overtone that lingers on the palate and keeps you looking for the next sip. I happily brewed two cups of this from a single serving of leaves

I will admit that I over-brewed the leaves at one point and was concerned that the flavor would be damaged or burnt; however, I was happily surprised that I did not distort the flavor! I was so impressed, that I wanted to do a bit of research on the leaves. One of the characteristics of this tea is the mellow flavor keeps the flavor from turning bitter, even if you over-brew or brew at a higher water temperature.

In addition, during the production of the tea, the leaves are dried under a wood-fired wok which explains that musky aromatic experience when you open this tea. I would happily brew this tea again!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green
Where to Buy:  Enjoying Tea 

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