Hongyu Hongcha from Fong Mong Tea. . . .

The wet leaf has the most interesting smell.

So much so that I am having trouble being able to put a descriptor to it.

Perhaps its hints of eucalyptus in mahogany sawdust in a mixture of compost and wet leaves.

It’s such a complex aroma! Somewhat medicinal as well but not in a bad way. A silky mouth feel and dark, clear amber in color.

Quite an earthy tea. The aroma carries over into the after taste but the first time the liquid hits your tongue a full force of earthy flavors assault you.

I’m not really sure I would say it’s minty like their website describes but it does have that slight mouth clean sensation that mint gives you.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy: Fong Mong Tea

Organic Hong Yu Hong Cha, Sun Moon Lake black tea (well-known as Ruby #18) can be declared Red Treasure in central Taiwan. A hybrid from a Burma Assam varietal (mother) and a Taiwanese wild camellia sinensis varietal (father), was researched for years by TRES developing as a unique new cultivar producing carmine and perfectly clear liquor with super high quality in the world. The tea trees are widely planted in Nantou County growing thick and rich tea leaves because of the fertile soil and moderate climate in central Taiwan. Its unique sweet malt aroma and strong cinnamon and mint taste, delicious with hints of fruit, and a little earthy make it truly unforgettable. Rich catechins enrich its character of black tea itself. It is also the best ingredient to makebubble tea (the most famous Taiwanese tea drink on earth).

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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