Green Lemonade from The Love Tea Company

I’m going to admit something to you…citrus teas scare me. When I see teas that feature lemon or berry in their name, I tend to skip over them in my shopping. So, when I got Green Lemonade as a tea to try in my current box, I was a little hesitant. It is honestly one of the last teas I tried – I wish it had been the first! For the Love of Tea has created a blend that has a fresh aroma and a hint of citrus. From the aroma alone, I was confident that this tea would not be one who overused citrus in its blending process. The large leaves presented in this blend allow for a variety of brewing methods from sachet to brewing directly in your tea pot.

Once brewed, this blend presents a classic green tea color and provides a light citrus flavor at the end which masks and diminishes the typical earth undertones of a green tea. Green tea is easy to burn through prolonged brew times, and this blend is no exception. You will need to watch it so that you do not over-steep it! Since green tea is so easy to burn, I often add citrus and a little sugar to the cup in order to minimize the strong earthy undertones that begin once over brewed. With the Green Lemonade blend from For the Love of Tea, I did not have to add anything and their addition of citrus was a refreshing mix to this light tea. This would be great for your mid-afternoon cuppa!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green
Where to Buy:  The Love Tea Company

This Brilliant Blend is a fan favorite.  It combines the best of green tea with the best of a lemon, with lemon bits and wedges you’ll get the full “lemon-y” affect.  Low in caffeine and easy on the pallet, it goes down like a smooth summer day (without the humidity).  Brew a pot of this fine blend and serve hot or cold year ’round.   It never hurts to add a fresh lemon slice to anything!  Be sure to #sharethelove on this one.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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