Fava’s French Breakfast Superior Black Tea from Fava Tea. . . .

This uniquely flavored black tea features vanilla, pineapple, and cherry.

The dry leaf smells like it was doused with caramel and is is quite pretty with its pop of red and orange amid the black tea leaves. The liquid color is a clear, dark amber and the smell of caramel is strong with this one as well. Vanilla and caramel are the predominate flavors.

The pineapple and cherry flavors do not present themselves at all but instead seem to make the sweetness of the caramel flavor stand out.

The black base hides well but I do get hints here and there that make me wonder if the base is English Breakfast.

Oh aren’t we a sneaky tea?

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy: Fava Tea

A superior blend of vanilla, and sweet, smooth black tea. This blend is accompanied by tiny bits of pineapple and cherry to add a distinct flavorful sweetness and burst of character! An excellent choice anytime of the day that takes cream and sweetener well. French Breakfast Superior has been described as a cup of relaxation in a world of chaos. We hope you enjoy as much as we all do.

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