Libre Tea Infuser. . . My New Obsession. . . .

Being a tea enthusiast for some time, I’ve seen lots and lots of gorgeous pictures featuring the Libre Tea Infuser.  I’ve always wanted one and was finally granted the chance.  We review all sorts of teas on The SororiTea Sisters but sometimes having the right brewing vessel makes all the difference in the world and can amplify the tea experience that much more.

Libre Tea Infusers are gorgeous bottles that have a glass interior for tea steeping with a durable plastic exterior.  That way only glass is touching the tea itself, but you are giving that extra layer of protection for the bottle itself. Which for me is a wonderful thing.  To say I’m in love with this bottle is an understatement.  After having one for just a few days, I bought two more.

Let’s chat about the look of the bottle itself.  The look is marvelous-sleek with a side of elegance. The bottle is see through so you can see the tea leaves swirling around while the tea is steeping.  The top of the bottle has a screw filter lid where you can easily drink the tea without the fear of a mouth full of leaves coming your way (with an additional lid to screw on top for ease of travel).    That being said though, you do want to big careful which teas you brew in the Libre Tea Infuser.  I would recommend the larger the leaves the better.  I did brew a tea that had smaller and I do mean smaller inclusions in the blend and I did get quite a bit of those inclusions while drinking the tea.  But that has only happened once.

What is really cool about this tea infuser is the versatility.  You can add in hot water and enjoy a lovely hot brew for some time.   Or you can add in some cold water and ice for a cold brew.  I’ve done both and been incredibly happy with the results. I was originally worried about the tea over steeping but so far I haven’t had issues with that.  I actually have been drinking a lot more unflavored teas and the flavors have been perfection when used with the Libre Tea Infuser.

All in all, this is one of the best vessels available for tea drinkers on the go and even just to have on hand for ease of drinking tea.  What I love is I can basically store away all of my other tea tools and instruments to make that perfect cuppa because everything I really need the Libre Tea Infuser accomplishes for me.

Here’s the scoop!

Where to Buy:  Libre Tea Infuser

Libre is the stylish and convenient solution for all infusions on the go – loose teas, fruit water infusions – in fact any beverage!! No flavour transfer with the glass interior.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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16 thoughts on “Libre Tea Infuser. . . My New Obsession. . . .

  1. Earl Grey will always be my favorite loose leaf tea to brew (specifically David’s Tea’s Cream of Earl Grey!).

  2. I love a tea called madame butterfly from Tea desire, its a peach green tea!, i just add the tea and cold water to my libre and then let sit for at least 2 hours. Then i just keep topping it off through out the day with water.

  3. I love tea! This looks like a great way to have tea or the go or even at home without worry about spilling. I’d love to win one & drink my favourite Lavender Earl Grey tea out of it 💕

  4. I love the stylish look of these tea infusers. I’d be steeping my favourite Lavender earl grey in this beautiful infuser.

  5. I have really wanted one of these cups!! They look like they’d really be handy. Thanks for the chance to win! I have lots of teas I’d love to try in it!

  6. There is this chestnut tea from a store in Leavonworth, WA that is my all time favorite loose leaf tea. It is amazing!

  7. I drink a lot of tea in a house of coffee drinkers. I like to mix it up with some of their creamers some time. I love Earl Grey and I found this relaxing tea that really does the trick when I cant sleep. Plus I dont like any of the tea you buy at a service station. If I had this I could take it on picnics and long car trips! Thanks for the chance!

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