Himalayan Golden Tips/Rakkasan Tea Co.

This black tea comes from tea farms in Nepal. The region they harvest is similar and close to Darjeeling but production is much lower than the famous Darjeeling due to previous wars and the fact that their tea industry is undeveloped. These days production comes from six districts: Ilam, Dhankuta, Kaski, Terhathum, Sindhulpalchok, and Panchthar. Golden Tips from Rakkasan come from the IIam district from small farms. While not true for all farms, this tea is hand-plucked resulting in the big tea leaves you see below. The color is due to the the oxidation after 10-14 hours of wilting.
As far as taste goes it is somewhat reminiscent of a Darjeeling. It sweet and yet refreshing on the palate. There are also subtle woodsy notes of mahogany. This tea does not need milk or sugar and I would highly recommend not adding either. Even though it is specified as a black tea, like Darjeeling, it has very unique and subtle properties that are hard to detect if things are added to the tea.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black
Where to Buy: Rakkasan Tea Company

Our Himalayan Golden Tips are hand-plucked and almost entirely made up of whole leaf buds. To make the fresh and stiff tea leaves flexible for shaping, the leaves are wilted between 10-14 hours depending upon climactic conditions. After gentle shaping, the leaves are fully oxidized, which turns the leaf buds a golden brown. This tea has creamy and cocoa notes that linger long on the palate—especially without milk or sugar.

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