Cranberry Fusion Herbal Teas from Arbonne . . . .

Recently when I was at a craft show selling my CuppaGeek Teas, my booth was set up next to the wonderful and amazing Arbonne lady, Jennifer.  Instantly I spied several different Arbonne items I wanted to try and knew that the Cranberry Fusion Herbal tea (even though it is bagged) sounded fabulous.

Now I will say this, I am not 100% up on my Arbonne knowledge. I just know that a few of my friends do purchase their products and enjoy them.  The box of Cranberry Fusion Herbal tea bags did have a steep price (I believe they were $16 or $18 for a box of about 20 tea bags), but I was excited to try them.

Cranberry teas are among my favorite blends. I have always loved the sweet and tart components they bring to any tea and you can’t discount the healthy benefits of cranberries.  Mix that with rose hips and a few other inclusions and you have yourself a delicious cuppa and that is exactly what this Cranberry Fusion Herbal Tea was. A Delicious Cuppa!

Brewed with boiling water and allowed to steep for about 7 minutes, this tea was bright, tart, sweet, and full of delicious fruity flavor.  If you would have added a touch of honey, you would have had yourself a flavor that you could compare to a nice fruit punch.  The flavor reminds me of a hibiscus tart blend with a touch of sweetness.

Sadly, this tea didn’t really hold up to multiple infusions and this box of tea went super fast in my household and for the price, I can’t say this would be a daily drinker for me.  But this tea was delicious and great for the quick on the go moments that we all have and you are paying for that convenience factor.

With one of the last tea bags I had remaining, I did cold brew the tea and it was even more delicious as a cold brew than hot.   I could totally imagine a giant pitcher of this tea brewed up for those spring and summer days that are just a few months away.  From what I’m understanding, this tea is still available and honestly after drinking this tea, I’m curious about the other products Arbonne has to offer. Some of the Arbonne products do have stevia, so if you are like me and are sensitive to stevia, you just want to watch the ingredients on their products.

If you are interested in learning more about Arbonne, holler at Jennifer! She is the sweetest and super knowledgeable.  Here is the link to her FB group and below is the link to her Arbonne site.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Herbal
Where to Buy:  Arbonne

This tea is currently sold out but click below to learn more about Arbonne.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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