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Finally decided to kick my MMU obsession and try another company. Matchaeologist has a gorgeous website all designed around matcha (obviously). They have four different blends and three different types. Ceremonial, Premium, and culinary, the usual matcha grades. With a coupon on my right clicker I decided to go for the ceremonial grades. On a whim I decided to go for Matsu first. Something about roasty notes just sounds good on winter days. The color of the powder is somewhat unimpressive after the incredible green from MMU but I keep my hopes up. Never had a roasty matcha before. It’s quite nice. Slight chocolatey aroma with interesting roasted notes. Smooth and silky in smell, taste, and feel. Though I didn’t actually feel it, the sensation of softness was given while sifting it into the bowl. The mouth feel is incredibly sleek. No astringency or weird after bite.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Matcha
Where to Buy: Matchaeologist

Our signature ceremonial-grade matcha is artisan roasted to produce a rich, creamy body and smooth mouthfeel not unlike a perfectly brewed espresso

Boasting the deepest shade of green reminiscent of Japanese pine trees, Matsu™is characterized by its captivating roasted aromas brought to the fore by our artisanal roasting technique handed down through generations of matcha sommeliers. The result is a deeply rich and complex symphony of flavors, with notes of ‘umami’ and savory-sweet undertones that round out the intensity of the roast, culminating in an exquisite blend with a full body and long, creamy finish.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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