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Green teas are some of my favorite warm-weather teas. Here in Texas, we’re sort of bouncing between 20°F and 80°F and the weather can’t make up its mind. (We actually hit low 90s in late February, followed by a week of rainy 40s, then freezing weather.) Despite the fact that it’s already starting to feel like summer on some days, I still like my tea scorching hot. (But I’ve included a recipe for those that enjoy sitting out on the porch with a refreshing glass of iced tea!)

Lavender Sunrise is a nice break from your typical green tea. It’s still vegetal, a little grassy, but the hint of floral lavender and strong lemony flavor brighten it up. (I’m not usually a huge lemon-and-lavender fan, but this one’s a hit!) I think the lemongrass really does it for me—I love a lightly grassy green.

The leaves in this one are on the small side, even after they’ve had a chance to unfurl and expand, making it great for brewing in tea bags and smaller infusers. The flavor is also strong enough that it’s good for a couple of brews.

I had to let this sit in the pot for quite a while to get it as strong as I like (about 6 minutes). It lacks the astringency typical of darker teas and really brings out the lemon when you steep it longer. (Steep too long and the lemon covers up the lavender, though.) It doesn’t need much in the way of sugar—I like this one unsweet—but Fava also has a strawberry rock sugar that goes well with it .

I also tried this one iced and it does not disappoint. Brew at 180°F for about 5-6 minutes (7-8 minutes if you like your tea pretty strong). Mix in a tablespoon of honey while it’s still hot. Grab a shaker and pour over ice with a splash of lemon juice. Add some strawberry slices at the end. Great for the approaching warm-weather days!

Want to Know More About This Tea?

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Fava Tea Company


This green tea is relaxing without putting you to sleep! It’s a smooth green tea blended with lavender blossoms and lemon.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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