Organic Nilgiri Black Tea from Bare Leaves Tea via Sipsby Box. . . . .

Black tea is a variety of tea that just isn’t my go to.  Give me a solid white, green, or oolong and I’m a happy camper.  For some reason I seem to shy away from black teas more and more. Which is why I adore Sips By boxes so much.

Sips By is a company that curates a monthly tea box for about $15 that contains tea from a variety of different tea companies.  Usually get 4 different selections in your box.  These selections are based on your tasting profile that you fill out when you sign up for the service.

So I will admit. . . this sample has been hanging out in my tea stash for a few months.  Again, because black tea just isn’t what I grab as my daily drinker. But after you discovering my love for my Wall Infuser Mug, I thought this tea may just be the way to start off my day today.

Brewed up freshly boiled water and scooped in a hearty serving of the tea into my Wall Infuser Mug.  Allowed the tea to steep for a few minutes and took my first sip. And to be honest, this tea isn’t too bad.  Actually, I’m digging this tea a lot!

The tea is very soft and subtle.  The malty notes are slight and so is the astringency factor. I’m also noticing this flavor that reminds me of a floral note.  This is such a gentle blend that I would have no problem drinking this as a daily drinker.  I’m excited to try this tea as a cold brew.  I can only imagine the dynamite cold brew this tea could offer.

And before I know it, my mug is empty and I need more water for a second steeping. If you are like me and maybe black tea varieties just aren’t your (ahem) cup of tea. . . maybe check out this offering from Bare Leaves.  It might just give you a change of pace that you didn’t realize you were even looking for!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy: Bare Leaves 

This bright and fragrant tea comes from the South Indian mountainous region of Nilgiri, which translates to “Blue Mountains.”

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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