Local Hideaway/Pacific Tea. . . . .

Local Hideaway from Pacific Tea. I have to admit…I was sipping on this because of the name. That and because it was a flavored green tea and I was craving a green!

Lets take a look at the ingredients in this one, shall we? Contains green tea*, licorice root*, coconut pieces*, natural coconut flavoring, carob*, vanilla pieces*

The * indicates ingredients are certified organic. I have to say the green tea base was of medium strength and somewhat of muted flavor on the tongue. I could smell and taste the licorice but it wasn’t overdone, thankfully. I couldn’t really taste or individually point out the coconut, carob, or vanilla…but…I knew there was another flavor in there to make it more than ‘just licorice’.

The overall taste on the tongue was fairly good. I wouldn’t place it in my personal top ten but I wouldn’t cringe at a cup either. It was pretty middle of the road for me…and that is NOT a bad thing, REALLY!

Sometimes you just NEED a mellower cup. One that you can sip on and not really put too much thought into trying to figure out. It’s a much appreciated cuppa and I’m so glad I was able to try it. Which reminds me…if you do one thing today…why not share a cup of tea with a friend!?

Want to Know More About This Tea?

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Pacific Tea


Take me back to the summer of enveloping coconut trees on roads less travelled. Lingering notes of coconut, carob, liquorice and vanilla remind of days better spent.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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