Gourmet Root Beer/52 Teas. . . .#sipdown

What a weird time we are in right now. .  .The majority of us are in lockdown and are experiencing feelings and situations that are new to us.  Trying to keep sane with working remotely and e learning for our kiddos is starting to become our new normal.  I typically work remotely anyway but not with my stepsons and kiddos e learning and my husband working right beside me as well.  On top of all those new experiences,  I have been sick for literally over a month now with a respitory infection that seems to be lingering so there is currently a me sized imprint in my couch.  I finally have enough energy ( or should say I just made myself get back to) to start getting my routine back which included pulling out my tea stash and making an effort to drink down some delights that I still have.

One of the first delights that caught my eye was Gourmet Root Beer from 52Teas.  This is an older tea but one that I remember enjoying the first go around.  Instead of brewing this tea hot, I decided this would be a perfect tea to cold brew while I work on hot brewing other teas.  And what a great choice I made!

To start, I used a tea straw, my handy tervis, some ice, and cold water.  I emptied the contents of the loose leaf tea into the cup, added the ice and cold water and let the cup sit for a bit.  There was quite a bit of leaf left probably too much for one serving but I wasn’t paying attention and just dumped the contents into my cup. I’ll blame that oops on my current mediciation that is making me a bit loopy.

First sip in and I was reminded of how much I adore 52Teas.  Not just because of the incredible flavors they are able to create but just the love and passion that goes into each blend.  The rootbeer flavor is the front runner for sure witha touch of the anise falling behind.  Fresh and delightful! I can’t say that I taste a whole lot of black tea notes but since I cold brewed the tea and the brewing hasn’t been going long, I think I’m mainly picking up on the extracts and I’m not mad at that.

Fast forward ten minutes and I’ve added a bit more cold water and took another sip.  Again, the root beer and sarsaparilla flavors are the front runners with notes of the black tea starting to lightly drift in.  Again, still not mad at the flavors coming across especially with all of the medicines.  This bright pop of rootbeer flavor is exactly what I have been craving.

Not sure how this tea would be hot brewed but that is the beauty of tea. . .so many different ways to brew and enjoy.  And now after this afternoon ditty, I’m craving 52Teas. . .looks like I know how I am going to be spending my birthday money!

Want to Know More About This Tea?

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  52Teas


This tea is no longer available but click below for teas that are.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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