Hot Lavender/Ruby Lion Teas

Since being sick, I’ve noticed a change in my tastebuds. Flavored teas just haven’t hit the spot for me and I’ve been grabbing and seriously enjoying teas that I never thought I would.  This tea is one of those teas.

Hot Lavender is a tea blend of lavender, black tea, cloves, and chili peppers- all things that have never been in my favorite column.  For some reason last night, the tin for this tea caught my attention and with how weird my taste buds have been- I thought, well let’s give this blend a steep.  I had already (sadly) dumped a few steepings of other teas that just were not agreeing with my taste buds so I wasn’t exactly sure what I expected from this blend.

Steeped up with freshly boiled water and allowed to steep for right around 3 minutes- this tea delivers delicious notes and them some with each and every sip.

I’ve never been a lavender fan- but the lavender in this tea is blended perfectly.  The tea comes off slightly floral and sweet.

I’ve never been a clove fan- but the clove adds this hint of spice and almost texture (dare I say) which really mingles with the chili peppers.

I’ve never been much of a black tea fan- but the black tea is brisk, robust, yet mellow and subtle.  I’m not getting any kind of astrigency at all.

I’ve never been a fan of chili peppers in tea- love them in food- but not in tea yet the spicy notes hit the back of your throat gorgeously and really blend well with the rest of the blend.

Tea has always been a huge part of my life but after starting my own tea business- I’ve found that most of my attention has gone more into blending up flavored teas for my customers instead of teas for myself or even taking the time to enjoy a proper cup.  This blend has renewed my tastebuds and I’m eagerly enjoying this tea.  I even woke up this mroning and one of my first thoughts was- yippiee Hot Lavender for breakfast!

Hot Lavender has hit so many notes with me that I’ve pretty much decided that this blend will always be in my tea stash and I’m currently putting together an order.  I’m now eager to check out all of their blends- especially their Earl’s Gone Wild.  I’m curious to see if Ruby Lion will change my mind on earl grey blends as well.

Want to Know More About This Tea?

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Ruby Lion Blends


In an instant, a red-hot avalanche spilled from a cleft in the mountainside, pouring down toward the sea, where the captain stood, watching from his motionless ship. As the cloud of fire sped towards him, death merely moments away, he calmly drank his tea and snapped the perfect shot with his camera, capturing all the majesty of the volcano in monochrome.

Our blend of spicy chili, lavender and black tea is inspired by this intrepid Victorian photographer, who never let anything stand in his way.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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