2018 King of Thieves Dancong/Verdant

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. This little phrase can be used time and time again with tea.

If you don’t like it the first time you try it, try it again. I was not impressed with my first session, so here we are trying again.

The dry aroma is better this time around. Somewhat floral, somewhat earthy.

The first time around is the best but I’m finding subtle floral notes that are nice in later steepings as well. The mouthfeel is smooth and refreshing.

While using my aroma cup I encountered I very briefly encountered some intense fruity notes with woodsy notes but couldn’t find it again after that. The leaves are a unique dark color but when wet they are outlined with lighter brown shades.

Want to Know More About This Tea?

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Verdant


贼王 or “King of Thieves” got its name from the famous story of a thief stealing this valuable tea tree in the middle of the night over 200 years ago, but leaving some of the roots and trunk in their haste to cut it down. King of Thieves growing today is said to have regrown from that little remaining root stock. This tea was hand picked and hand processed over 24 hours of intense labor to bring out its rich nuanced dessert-like flavor and spiced tropical undertones.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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