Steeping Notes on GABA Oolong/Wang Family

Often times while drinking a new tea I like to have a session where I won’t read the companies description of flavor and aroma to avoid the influence.

But this one has been stumping me.

Sweet potatoes. Not a yam, do not confuse the two as many stores do. They are quite different.

Anyway, the dry aroma is very slight. Somewhat fruity, kinda creamy. Wet aroma reminded me of buttered noodles a few times but more often it is vegetal. And then the mysterious flavor of sweet potatoes in the golden liquid. It’s smooth on the tongue. Creamy but also has unique woodsy accents.

Mahogany maybe?

Want to Know More About This Tea?

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Wang Family Tea


Dry leaves are dark brown, and smell like dried fruit.  This tea brews up a bright golden-yellow color. First round of brewing has a flavor and aroma that is  reminiscent of roasted sweet potatoes. It tastes soft and mellow, and the aftertaste is lightly sweet. The second round brews up soft, but very thick.  There is a strong GABA aroma in the air. The flavor has become slightly acidic, with a dominant flavor of dried fruit. The third round is fruity, slightly acidic, strongly fruitly, and still retains a hint of roasted sweet potato. The energy of this tea is deeply relaxing.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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