Mermaid Matcha/Bird and Blend Tea Co

Photo Credit: Bird & Blend Tea Co.

I don’t love plain matcha. Never have. However, I have been a fan of flavored matchas since the company now known as Matcha Outlet was operating as Red Leaf Tea. Long before even DAVIDsTEA offered flavored matchas, Red Leaf Tea was offering everything from Caramel Popcorn Matcha to Strawberries and Cream Matcha to even Cheese Pizza Matcha. Alas, over the years the options offered have dwindled and I have had to seek out my flavored matchas from other companies.

Bird and Blend has a large selection of flavored matchas but they can be quite pricey. They also sell them in large quantities that I struggled to commit to. That is why when I noticed a sampler set of Rainbow Matchas on the site, I was very excited to pick it up and give the matchas a taste. One of the matchas in that set is this blue matcha, Mermaid Matcha.

When I first made this in milk, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. It is a light blue, which is cool to see. More than that though, it is delicious. This particular matcha tastes just like vanilla buttercream. Amazing cake frosting deliciousness and yet it is not overly sweet. It’s awesome and one I would definitely recommend if you’re into that flavor.

The one downside of some Bird and Blend matchas can be texture. Sometimes it is heavy so the matcha tends to fall to the bottom of the mug. Sometimes the matcha can be chalky. In the case of this matcha, I don’t really find those to be an issue. As such, it is one I think is worth the price.

Want to Know More About This Tea?

Leaf Type:  Green/Matcha

Where to Buy:   Bird & Blend Tea Co.


For fans of our famous colour changing Blue Raspberry tea blend! This magical blue matcha is infused with blue pea flower, to create a deep sea blue brew!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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  1. good review; I don’t see much from you Sorori Tea Sisters much; I was surprised to see this posting. You folks are trying to be rid of me; well I don’t have much hope for much longer. My spirit is so very lowly. Take care and don’t make fun of me.

    1. Hi Mrs. Ainee C. Beland. Hope you are doing well. We just have been working on other projects and am working to get back to daily postings. We 100% are not trying to be rid of you. Hope your spirits are lifted soon and apologies if you thought we were making fun of you. Absolutely not anything we would do or stand for. We love spreading the good word of tea and chatting all things tea. Sending you lots of positive vibes our friend!

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