Enlightening Lotus from Flower Pot Tea Company. . . .

Not being a huge fan of strongly floral teas, finding the right floral tisane can be tricky.  I have issues with lavender so when ever I see a floral tea without lavender especially a tisane, I get quite excited.

Enlightening Lotus is by far one of the most stunning flowering teas I’ve brewed up.  Basically this tea is one gorgeous flower.  When put in just the right tea pot, you have one stunning presentation. Simply gorgeous.  My husband even commented by how lovely the presentation of this tea was.  Pops of brilliant yellow filled my tea pot.  How can you not smile when you see that?

But this tea’s presentation doesn’t match the flavor.  I will try my best to explain this tea because it is so incredibly unique and unusual.  Each sip delivers a wonderfully musk and earthy tone from the start to finish.  Gone is that sweet typical floral that you normally pick up when you drink a floral tisane.  Robust yet gentle woodsy flavors swirl around with a very subtle hint of sweetness at the end of each sip.


This tisane is remarkable and a unique drinking experience. I love how this tea pops with bright and vibrant colors but the flavor has more of a dark flavor.  A tisane after my own heart!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Tisane
Where to Buy:  Flower Pot Tea Company

A symbol of purity and enlightenment, lotus flowers floating serenely in still waters, soaking in the sun. Our Enlightening Lotus Tisane blossoms with a unique, golden honey aroma that evolves with a subtle herbaceous finish. Grown only in a single plantation adjoining a Buddhist temple, these golden flowers…

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My Morning with Blooming Teas from Flower Pot Tea Company. . . . . . .

Lately I’ve noticed that my tea loving heart has been craving more lush green and vibrant white teas than anything else.  With having a more stressful job right now, I’ve found that these particular teas have a way of calming me in the afternoon, letting me know everything will be okay.

Recently, The SororiTea Sisters received a gracious sample box from Flower Pot Teas, a company that mainly focuses on floral teas and blooming teas. I have to say, blooming teas and I haven’t always gotten along. I love the flavor but can never get them to bloom correctly. I know the problem has to be how I brew the tea, even though I brew the tea exactly the way the steeping parameters are provided.   But I thought a pretty pot full of blooming tea goodness was exactly what I needed to perk up my morning.  So I was determined to get my teapot to look like one of their gorgeous pictures to put me in a better mood. . .

I didn’t quite achieve that look, but I also wasn’t using a fluted glass. I think for once, my blooming tea actually bloomed!  Now the tea pot I used was more wide where this blooming tea probably needed more of sleek tall brewing vessel, but I’m good with what I was able to yield.  This particular attempt to create those gorgeous blooming teas turned out to be incredibly pleasing.  The first blooming tea I tried was their Brilliant Berry.


Full of gorgeous rich vegetal tones (probably because I oversteeped for a few minutes, but the flavor worked!), this blooming tea gave me all the tea feels.  The berry flavor is light while the floral notes are also subtle.  For the most part, blooming teas that I’ve had in the past have either been just overly floral or overly flavored.  Not this tea.  The actual tea is the centerpiece. I was able to get a few different infusions out of the tea with the flavor just slightly diminishing with each session.

The second blooming tea I tried from Flower Pot Tea Company was their Lush Lavender. I was a bit worried because I’m not a huge lavender fan but loved how this tea was described on their site:

Our Lush Lavender Tea relieves tension and anxiety with soothing aromas to cleanse the mind and the well-rounded earthiness of refreshing white tea.

Exactly what my adulting soul needed.

Brewed this tea up per the parameters provided (boiling water-steep for 5 minutes)  and found myself just as enamored with this offering as the Brilliant Berry.  Again, a brilliant balanced tea where the tea is the spotlight and not so much the flavoring.  Earthy bright notes create such a satisfying sip without any floral or flavored overtones.  Just marvelous spot on tea.   I was again able to use the same blooming tea for a few times before the tea leaves gave out.  I was actually sad when the flavor started to give because I was greedily devouring cuppa after cuppa.

For blooming teas, I will say, these two offerings definitely are some of the better ones I’ve had. Plus the fact that they actually bloomed. . .that just makes me giddy.   Gotta love a tea that tastes amazing, soothes the soul, and looks gorgeous in your tea pot!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  White
Where to Buy:  Flower Pot Tea Company

Flowers blossom in your cup, unfurling elegant color and flavor before your very eyes.

A cup of this juicy tea is sure to add a little pop of color to your day. Keep them for up to 5 days as a striking centerpiece for your table or desk!

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