Golden Monkey Tea from Georgia Tea Company

Leaf Type: Black

Where To Buy: Georgia Tea Company

Company Description:

Black tea from the Fujian province of China. Golden Monkey tea is hand-processed each spring with a careful plucking of only one leaf and one bud. It is among the finest Chinese black teas available today. The name comes from its unique appearance: the leaves resemble monkey claws. If you enjoy full-bodied teas with an abundance of flavor, we urge you to give this tea a try.

Golden Monkey tea hails from the Fujian province of China, one of its most prolific. This region accounts for one-fifth of China’s total tea output. And the high quality of its teas keeps them in high demand. This region’s exports of tea account for a quarter of the country’s total. Fujian teas benefits from an excellent climate, combining mild temperatures, abundant rainfall and mountainous terrain. It has a long history of cultivating tea: over one-thousand years.

Taster Review:

Over the past month I have been fortunate enough to try several teas from Georgia Tea Company and I have to say I have enjoyed my tea tasting experiences immensely.  Their customer service is TOP NOTCH and the aroma of their teas are out of this world.  Nearly everything I have tried I have been anywhere from pleasantly surprised to completely blown away with the wonderful taste!

Today I would like to tell you about Golden Monkey from Georgia Tea Company.  I used to LOVE Adagio’s Fuijan Baroque and Adagio’s Yunnan Jig and I still do…but…Georgia Tea Company’s Golden Monkey seems to be the taste of both crammed into one tea but even BETTER.

Their Golden Monkey has a cakey and chewy goodness to it…malty and bold.  The taste lingers long after your sip is complete.  I found myself longing for that next sip and after my cup was gone thinking about another.