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Grimoire Tea

Thorns and Roses/Grimoire Tea

When you purchase tea from Grimoire Tea, they arrive in the cutest little bottles with the most unique labels giving the name and description of the tea purchased. You can tell that she takes the time to really think about what she is representing when coming up with her labels. The top is reinforced by a solid layer of colored wax. This company could not have been more unique with their packaging! I just love her presentation!

I was immediately able to smell the green tea but it was also incredibly floral due to the jasmine and rose petals. There was also a mild fruity sweetness that I attributed to the elderberry. It was a very pretty tea to look at.

Thorns and Roses steeped to a pretty rose gold color. I really enjoyed the steeping process of this tea. In the beginning, it was a pale yellow, as most green teas are when they steep. As the tea continued to steep, it slowly began to change color as the elderberry warmed up.

The flavor was very floral with a soft, sweet aftertaste. The elderberry was able to soften the rose and jasmine which, for me, made it even more enjoyable. I did not add any sweetener to this tea but you absolutely could, if you wanted to bring out a little more of the elderberry sweetness.

This would make a really nice evening tea to help you relax at the end of the day. Jasmine is known to help relax the senses. While this may not be a tea I would keep on hand, I did enjoy the sample. If you enjoy floral green teas you will love Thorns and Roses by Grimoire Tea.

Want to Know More About This Tea?

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Grimoire Tea


This tea does not appear to currently be available but click below for teas that are.

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Nightingale from Grimoire Tea & Herbal Alchemy. . . .

I  must say the amount of great tea offerings on Etsy is a little insane. I get lost for hours on that site so often. All I have to do is type in anything tea related and then poof 2 hours later I forgot what I was originally looking for. But in doing so you find awesome companies like this one.

I swear Nichole aka Cuppageek knows me a little too well it is kinda beginning to freak me out. I have wanted to try a tea from this company for a while now but when I finally would remember to look at their site they would be sold out of everything. Then low and behold there was this little package in my box of teas to review and it was from this company!

I love green tea and honestly I don’t order it enough. I tend to lean more towards black and oolong most of the time when I am purchasing tea. But I love green tea. This is a gunpowder blend with lemon balm, spearmint and lavender. Opening up the little gold package I was immediately hit with the smell of lavender which is one of my favorite smells. Then there is a faint smell of the spearmint and lemon balm which I am happy with since spearmint can sometimes overpower a blend.

Brewed the spearmint smells a little stronger but the lavender is still the strongest scent. The flavor is surprisingly light I was expecting it to be more herbal since the lavender smelled so strong but it wasn’t. The spearmint was the stronger flavor and the lemon balm gave it a light lemon aftertaste. This is a very tasty gunpowder blend I wish I had more than just a sample but oh well. I will make sure I pay attention to their Etsy site more so I can get a full size of the next blend that catches my interest.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green
Where to Buy:  Grimoire Tea

The essence of Lady Nocturnal herself, a refreshing green tea blend with the cooling effects of spearmint.

Gunpowder Green Tea
Lemon Balm

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Green Jasmine Floral Tea from Grimoire Tea

I’ll be honest with you guys– I don’t know what Grimoire means. Or what Whiterun is. (Don’t take away my nerd card, please.) And frankly, I don’t even reach for green teas (or jasmines!) all that frequently. (I know. Stick with me, I promise.) So when I saw this one waiting for me in my sample stash, I was… dubious, to say the least. Never one to shy away from a cup of anything, however, I knew I had to give this one a try.

The jasmine, upon brewing, is the FIRST thing you smell– and I mean that in ALL CAPS. It is JASMINE! with an exclamation point. To say I was expecting to find that same flavor-ferocity in the sip is an understatement, but I was pleasantly surprised! The actual brew is a beautiful deep gold liquor, with a delightfully balanced jasmine flavor profile. I can’t say I’m picking up too much green in this cup, but the jasmine is spot-on– strong enough that you certainly don’t have to go hunting for flavor, but balanced enough that it’s not going to kick you tush-over-teakettle.

Also present? Stevia. I know this is a controversial ingredient, but I actually think it works really well here, friends. If you’re not partial to ANY sweet in your tea, I’d skip this one– but from what I can tell, I’m fairly certain the sweetness comes from the actual stevia leaf and not the signature artificial taste from the liquid. There are definitely some unaccounted-for green flakes in the dry leaf that would back me up on this one. That said, the sweetness from the stevia brings a nice rounding-out of flavors that make this tea more accessible for the jasmine-novice and infrequent-green-sipper like myself. Grimoire, you might be making a green/jasmine fan of me yet! (Now just help me fill that gap in my nerdery knowledge, and I’ll be good to go.)

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green
Where to Buy:  Grimoire Tea

Strolling the marketplace from the central plains of Skyrim, a sweet floral green tea with a fresh taste calls home.

Green Tea

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Conjure Up the Perfect Cup of Daedra Tea from Grimoire

There’s something about a tea being themed to one of your favorite interests, that just makes the whole experience so much more fun.  Having spent some time battling my way through the fantasy landscape of the Skyrim video game, I was more than ready to brew up a cup of Daedra tea from Grimoire on Etsy.

This herbal tea is bold and bloody.  Big chunks of blood orange are paired with dark berry pieces to help sweeten its tart citrus bite.  There’s a dose of snappy hibiscus to add its fruity notes and turn the brew a deep, pink magenta.  Hot or cold, this blend brews up dark and powerful and makes you feel like you’re drinking sour orange magma, or tart, ruby blood, or even enchanted berry wine.

There’s a lot to be said about the Daedra in Skyrim video game lore, so I’ll spare the details and talk about my favorite bits.  The Dremora are a type of Daedra that can be summoned to fight for you.  These bulked up warriors are clad in red and black scales of armor and are satisfying allies to have on the battlefield.  Their gravely voices call out the best lines when spotting an enemy (“I smell weakness!”) or when gloating over that enemy’s defeat (“No match at all!”).  Trust me, it’s worth upgrading your conjuration magic to have one of these guys on your side.  The colors and feeling of Grimoire’s Daedra tea blend match their aesthetic exactly!

I’d be curious to try some of Grimoire’s other fantasy-themed teas in their Etsy shop.  Some of the other Skyrim flavors include a jasmine green tea for the city of Whiterun, or a cherry oolong for the town of Falkreath.  These blends look like they will be the perfect, magical cup of tea to accompany me on my fantasy adventures.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Herbal
Where to Buy: Grimoire Tea on Etsy

A blend fit for any Daedric Lord. Rich in berry flavors. **This tea is not available right now but click below for the teas that are.**

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Drogon from Grimoire Tea

Summer of 2017.  That is when Game of Throne fans have to wait until the next season.  If only you could have heard me wailing when the last season’s final episode aired. . . Game of Thrones is one of those shows that either you are 100% in love with are not at all.  I have yet to find a so-so fan.  This show is one of the first ones that my hubby and I started to binge on when we first started dating.  If you know the show, you can only imagine how uncomfortable that was for us, but we became addicted to the show first episode in.  Anyway, let’s chat about this tea-a GoT fandomtea-Drogon from Grimoire Tea.

Drogon is the name of one of the dragons on GoT.  He is sleek, dangerous, and probably the most powerful of the trio of dragons featured on the show.  Which makes me wonder about this tea and the blend’s connection to the show.  This is a tropical green flavored tea. You would think this blend would be a bold black tea with a chai twist.  But I am so glad it isn’t!

When you first open up your gorgeous packaged bottle (they are dipped in wax!), you are immediately greeted with a sweetness followed by a tropical touch.  There were huge pieces of pineapple and I loved seeing the pops of color from the blue malva flowers.  I steeped up this tea using traditional green tea parameters and steeped the tea for about 3 minutes.  The result?

A gorgeous simple  yet vibrant tropical green tea with a pineapple background and a sweet twist.  I swear I can detect mango as well or maybe that is just my brain messing with me!  This blend packs a brilliant flair of tropical love in each sip.  As wonderful as this tea is brewed hot, I know this tea would be dynamite as a cold brew.  So I will save the rest for a cold brew session later this week.

Drogon from Grimoire Tea is a wonderful example of a very well done green flavored tea. All the flavors are well balanced and go so well with the sencha green tea base.  Makes me wonder if this wasn’t made for the sweet chldlike side this dragon has whenever he is around the Mother of All Dragons.Regardless, this mama is loving it!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green
Where to Buy: Grimoire Tea 


Get lost in a binge watching session of Game of Thrones while sipping on this exotic tasting blend!

Pineapple pieces
Blue Malva flowers
Sencha Green Tea

Each Grimoire Tea bottle can create 10-15 cups of tea, depending on your desired strength and brew style. Store your bottles out of direct sunlight, and in a cool dark place. For best taste, use tea within one year of purchase date.

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