Citrus Spice Tea From Tea Is Chi

CitrusSPiceTea Information:

Leaf Type: Green Tea

Where to Buy: Tea is Chi

Tea Description:

A lovely blend of gunpowder green, orange, and cinnamon.

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Taster’s Review:

Citrus Spice Tea from Tea Is Chi is a very nicely done flavored Gunpowder Green Tea.  It features both orange and/or orange peel and cinnamon flavors in with the Gunpowder Green.  I will say that the flavors that were combined with the green tea base wasn’t over the top but I think that they reached the level of flavor they were going for here because I believe sometimes it can be difficult to appropriately flavor a Gunpowder Green Tea.  Sometimes the flavoring on Gunpowder Green Teas that I have tried in the past are either too intense or not intense enough.  Others don’t seem to mesh well with the natural smokiness of the gunpowder or Earth-tones or veggie-like notes of the green tea base.  Citrus Spice Tea from Tea Is Chi seems to bust through those barricades!  The orange is citrusy and semi-puckery and the cinnamon gives it a terrific contrasting kick!  I find this to be a good tea to give to people who are unsure about green teas or gunpowders more specifically.  This is darn tasty ICED, too!  Nice Job, Tea is Chi!



Tropical Black Tea from Tea Is Chi

TropicalBlackTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black Tea

Where to Buy: Tea Is Chi

Tea Description:

Tropical Black is blended with coconut and peppermint.

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Taster’s Review:

Tropical Black Tea from Tea Is Chi didn’t last in my stash for very long!  There are several reasons why and I hope to cover a few of them in this write up today!

When I think of Tropical or Island locations I think coconut and/or tropical fruit and a minty-fresh breeze.  Very few Tropical flavored teas seem to add that minty-freshness so when I saw that Tropical Black Tea from Tea Is Chi not only added a strong black tea base with sweet and nutty dried coconut paired with refreshing peppermint I was overjoyed to try it!  Once I tried this tea –  it didn’t disappoint!  It actually went above and beyond my expectations not only in aroma but also in flavor!

The black tea base was sturdy enough to stand up to the coconut and mint it was paired with – as well as satisfy my own personal black tea base level of flavor preference.  The dried coconut was top-notch!  It couldn’t have been more perfect to the eye, touch and feel, and taste!  It was sweet yet nutty and contributed to the overall flavor.  Then there was the cooling, fresh, minty-goodness of the peppermint!  The peppermint flavor packed a punch and was very nicely done.  Keeping all 3 ingredients in mind – I was completely satisfied and pleased with this flavored black tea to the highest level!

Tropical Black Tea from Tea Is Chi really took this Tropical Flavored Black to the next level just by adding that peppermint to it.  I sure hope other companies don’t shy away from adding minty-goodness to their Tropical Themed Teas…after all…what is a tropical atmosphere without a nice fresh breeze, am I right?