Special Review. . . . Tea Party Leggings From Whimsies. . .

Working from home lends you to have a more laid back attire, which is where leggings come into play for me.  I’ve been a fan of leggings for a long time. Being one that is more predisposed to wearing dresses, leggings were the perfect companion to jazz up an outfit without a whole lot of effort and still be comfortable.  I have purchased leggings from all of the big hitters, but I have to honestly say, I’ve never had better quality leggings than the ones I purchased from a leggings company called Whimsies.

Now, I will be up front about this . . . the owner of Whimsies is part of the tea community and had her own tea blog for some time. She is also someone I consider to be a friend and knowing her, I knew that she would only sell quality pieces that she would personally wear herself.

Each month, she uploads pics to the Whimsies FB group and allows the group to vote and decide which leggings should be offered next.  As you can imagine, I may have asked a time or two or a dozen for her to create tea themed leggings and finally it was time to vote on a tea design.   Cute tea pots, tea cups, and little heart shape like cookies against a black background with hints of coral, red, and, orange and yellow on the motif too. These babies arrived at my door not too long ago and I couldn’t wait to wear them.

If you are like me and you’ve been burned by ripped leggings by other companies, I encourage you to check out Whimsies. For $22 and available in 3 different sizes, you will not find better fitting or better quality leggings. No joke. These leggings are super comfortable with their yoga style waist band and their ability to move with you and not against you. I don’t have issues with them falling down all day and they are long enough for me to wear boots, my converse, flip flops,  And if for some reason there is an issue, you can easily message the owner and I know she would make things right for you. Plus, if you keep your eyes peeled, their are sales every so often and a few of the past designs are for sale.  AND if you are lucky, sometimes you get lip balm goodness as a Thank You for placing an order.  I didn’t get one last go around because she had run out but I’m hoping to place an order soon for the Magic Pocket Leggings (leggings with a pocket and yes, they are amazing!) and maybe I’ll get another one since I lost my last lip balm.

All in all, these leggings make this tea loving gal super happy. I literally wear Whimsies every day and these tea leggings will be the perfect addition to my collection.They are adorable, comfortable, and just make everyone smile.

And just as a side note the other tea themed leggings I had from other companies literally fell apart while I was wearing them at work . . . So you can rest assured Whimsies leggings are quality if I’m recommending them.

Check them out. You’ll be happy you did!

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