Topsy Turvy Tea Blend – DisneyParks Tea

Hello, all! At first, I like to start off by introducing myself. My name is Kara and I am incredibly excited to be included in this delightful tea family! I have been a tea lover for a good 14 years and counting and I look forward to including my opinion with all of these amazing ladies! And if you would like to keep up with me I have my social media links down below.

Now on to the tea! I will not lie but when I saw this tea I gasped in delight! For Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite classic Disney movies. And the packaging is adorable and it encompasses everything that I love about Wonderland. First, I will start off with the specifics. The ingredients are as follows; bergamot, black tea, and citrus.  The (adorable) instructions recommend to steep it for 3-4 minutes. And if you on the hunt for this tea it is, unfortunately, a Disney Parks exclusive but I am sure you can find a seller on Amazon or eBay.

Now the taste of the tea – which took me by surprise. Now I am used to the flavors of this tea because my favorite is Lady Grey but just like Wonderland, this tea was not what it seemed. The color and the smell of tea was also alike a perfect cuppa but when I took a sip I was hit with a slightly fruity flavor aftertaste. Now I can’t put my finger on it but it was either a blueberry or raspberry taste. And to my amazement, I thoroughly enjoyed it. For I usually don’t like teas that have fruity notes. And before I knew it, my cup was empty.

All in all, this tea is very reflective of that classic and kooky Wonderland that I grew up with. I couldn’t help imagining myself at the Mad Hatter’s table drinking this blend while singing the “Very Merry Unbirthday” song.  I definitely want more of this tea and this will be a purchase (if I can find it) that I will make in the future.

P.S. I will have pictures of this magnificent packaging posted on my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (official_karatics) respectably.

See you for the next cuppa!


Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black Tea
Where to Buy:  Disney Parks
Only available at Disney Parks.



Topsy Turvy Black Tea from Disney Wonderland Tea

topsyturvyDisneyTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy: Disney World! (You can also find it on Ebay/Amazon)

Tea Description:

You’ll fall head over heels for this premium blend of black tea with a delicious citrus and fruity flavor. Hurry up before it disappears from your cup!

Learn more about this tea on Steepster.

Taster’s Review:

For someone who isn’t all that crazy about Earl Grey I’ve certainly been drinking a lot of it this week…

It’s about time I tried this one; my Mom was nice enough to hunt for it for me when she went to Disney last year and it took months to make it from her house back to me; and then months again for me to actually try it.topsyTurvyDisney1

At least it not only was in a sealed tin (an absolutely gorgeous one by the way) but in a vacuum sealed foil back as well. Also, I don’t know why I thought this was Earl Grey and rose, because it’s not – maybe since the tin is covered in pink script with tons of decals of roses on it? But it doesn’t actually say rose anywhere so I should’ve known better than to assume.

Dry this smells very, very citrus heavy with more of a fresh peeled orange scent than a distinctly bergamot one. And, it actually does come off a tiny bit floral too. I prepped this as a cold brew because I thought since the orange seemed to be quite strong that it would brew up fairly sweet.

topsyTurvyDisney2It actually does taste a little more like plain orange than bergamot, though the bergamot is significantly stronger in taste than it was in the smell. It’s kind of weird though; it doesn’t taste like the bergamot oil has turned or spoiled but it is clashing a little bit with the orange, which is more of a candy orange than a natural one and with the faint taste of floral notes, which are natural tasting, things aren’t fitting together seamlessly here.

What it ends up equating to is a fairly average Earl Grey that I think you’d find yourself drinking more for the Disney/Alice in Wonderland aspect than for the taste of the tea itself. And that’s perfectly ok because if we’re being honest here I think that’s who it’s ultimately marketed for anyway.

I’m quite happy I finally tried it though!


PRODUCT REVIEW: Illustrations & Cliparts – Mad Hatter Tea Party Elements from Cupcake Cuties at MyGrafico

PRODUCT REVIEW: Illustrations & Cliparts –
Mad Hatter Tea Party Elements

Where to Buy:
Cupcake Cuties at MyGrafico

Tasters/Crafters Review:

I’m so happy the owner of MyGraficO is a tea drinker!

Here is one of the recent TEA RELATED Clip Art Sets she gave us to work with.  I have been a fan of Designs by Cupcake Cuties for a while and haven’t worked with too many of her clip art sets yet – compared to the other Digi Stamp Sets over at MyGrafico – so I was super excited to work with this one!


This is the outside of my project using an image from this set.  I have done many of these little tea bag holder books or envelops in the past and thought this image would fit nicely on the front of another one.  Not only is the set tea related but as  you can see it’s Alice In Wonderland Themed!

All I did was use cardstock, various paper scraps, and I had some adhesive fabric I used on the side (the brown strip on the right with white dots).  I LOVED that the clip art image already said DRINK ME.  I didn’t have to any anything.

And here’s the inside of the envelop or book.  It has a little pocket for an individually wrapped tea bag of  your choice.

I decided to use one from Yogi Tea called Hibiscus Paradise.  No real reason…it was just something I had on hand and close by.

You can also decorate the inside more but I left this one blank.  You could also write on the inside if you wish.  I will probably do that down the road before sending it out in a swap.  It’s really easy to do these little holders and there are various templates online or you could easily come up with your own.

You will probably see many more of these from me.  I enjoy making them because they are quick and easy and with all of the tea swaps I do they are fun to send to people too!  It’s was even more fun to use this clip art on my project, too!  It did shave off a few minutes of creating time with the sentiment already in place.  I like to print up a few sheets of these to have on hand – ready to cut – at any moment!  If you would like to purchase this set it’s only $4 and available HERE.  You will receive all 20 clip art images pictured at the top of this review!  This set is a STEAL for any TEA LOVER, Crafter, and/or Alice In Wonderland Fan!



PRODUCT REVIEW: Alice Patchwork from Tainted Sweets & MyGrafico

Designer:  Tainted Sweets

Where to Buy:  MyGrafico

Product Description:

Alice in Wonderland Patchwork!
Nine seperate 8×8 cute and colorful Alice in Wonderland squares!
Great for quilts, wall art, glass blocks and so much more!

Artist’s Review:

When I received this Alice Patchwork set created by Tainted Sweets, I was thrilled!  I love Alice in Wonderland, and this was such an adorable interpretation.

After giving it some thought, I knew just what I wanted to do!  I decided to make a greeting card set with them.  The graphics are large (8×8), so, I had to adjust the size on them.  I used the image of the Mad Hatter, The Dormouse, and the Teapot/Teacups for a set of three.

I printed the adjusted squares onto cardstock which I then cut out.  I ran my Krylon Gold Leafing pen around the edges of the square, and then I layered the square onto some coordinating scrapbook paper that I had on hand.  I used some foam mounting tape for the printed images to give the card a little dimension, and added a few rhinestones to each card for some sparkle.

These were a lot of fun to make, and I really like how they turned out.  I will be sending these out to some on-line Tea Friends, but, I think a full set (using all 9 images!) would make a great gift for someone special!

MyGrafico is a great website – loaded with tons of images.  Check them out for your next artsy project!