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Search for English Breakfast tea and you will find hundreds, maybe thousands. Amongst those many, many teas, you will find a boggling number of different blends. Some are straight Keemun and nothing else, harking back to the original English Breakfast type that was enjoyed in Britain. Some are a blend of Chinese and Indian tea, or of Assam and Ceylon, or Kenyan. And they can be very different.

Walters Bay specializes in Ceylon tea, and this breakfast blend is 100% Ceylon. I have the sachets in individual envelopes, and made note that the website says these contain 3 grams of tea. Great news, because that means it is intended for a mug rather than a little china tea cup.

Even better news is that I have resteeped this bag more than once and still have a good cup of tea, so there is enough here to keep you going through a big breakfast or a long morning at work.

The taste is malty with low briskness. While it doesn’t need milk or sugar by any means, the maltiness means it can take it if you like to add it. It paired well with food, and was enjoyable without.

There is a high honeyed citrus aroma, like orange, that I find in most Ceylon teas. I think this would make a smashing sweet iced tea, as well. There are few deep notes, typical of Ceylon tea. I would classify it as a good, sturdy, reliable Ceylon tea.

From the back of the envelope:

Without question, the care provided to our workers and their families is directly reflected in the quality of our tea. By purchasing this tea directly from a grower, our tea connoisseurs promote social and environmental sustainability programs in our tea gardens and surrounding communities. These initiatives include child care centers, schools, retirement savings plans, and medical care for our tea estate workers and their families. As a grower, our care for the land and its resources is sacred. Like the growers at your local farmers market, we at Walters Bay take great pride in what we grow.

Want to Know More About This Tea?

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Walters Bay


English Breakfast Black Tea begin with freshly hand-plucked tea leaves in the highlands of Sri Lanka. Our Award-Winning Pekoe 1 black tea grade is meticulously processed during the Western High Grown season. This grade of tea offers a classic Ceylon signature flavor profile that is ideal as an English Breakfast Tea. It is a full bodied tea with a slight malty character and exceptional aroma. Great as a stand alone cup or with a dash of milk.

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Austin Breakfast from Zhi Tea

Austin Breakfast is an organic Indian black tea. I have the sachets and – BONUS! – they are biodegradable. I love the company’s vision statement.

“We’re a homegrown Austin, Texas company composed of a few die-hard tea freaks, lovers of fine foods, stewards of sustainable agriculture, and passionately dedicated to the human experience.”

I made this for my daughter and myself to have with breakfast. I noted that the website says this will offer some good resteeps, and not to toss the bag until it has given up all of its goodness, so that is what I intend to do.

First steep – My word, this is a super aromatic black tea. At this point, I had noted that the tea was from India as stated on the packaging but I had not looked up the specifics of origin. No matter, there is no mistaking right off the bat that this is a Ceylon tea from the aroma alone.

And it is one of the more aromatic I have tried. There are lovely, deep round dark raisin notes, a nice middle creamy thick feel, and swirling higher notes of orange and lemon. While eating my oatmeal, I detected no astringency at all. After my bowl was empty, I held the tea in my mouth and swirled it around, and there it was! The classic Indian tea briskness.

I take my tea sans additions, and I have a very dodgy stomach that often rebels at tea of Indian origin, kicking me in the gut as revenge. Nicer Indian teas do not have this effect. Dodgy ones get smoothed with milk if I drink them at all.

Happily, my stomach is quite at peace with this tea. Not so much as a burble. I feel like I am drinking a high quality Irish breakfast tea. No milk nor sugar needed, but if that’s how you roll, it can take it.

Steep 2 – While it is piping hot, I think that the low notes have utterly disappeared and the brisk, high lemony notes are mostly what remains. After a couple of minutes cooling time, I find this tea to have its thick and creamy body restored and the briskness is now slightly muted compared to the piping hot sip. Still a good cup of tea, though different from the first steep. I will definitely be trying a third steep.

This would be a great morning tea at work, with the first bracing cup preparing one for the day and tasks ahead, and the remaining cups serving as an easy peasy resteep as you simply add hot water to continue through the morning,

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  Zhi Tea

Our Austin Breakfast honors the intensity and laid-backness of Austin. The Ceylon black tea is at once bold and smooth. It has a deep character and clean finish like a great Irish Breakfast tea.

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Breakfast Blend from The Tea Can Company

Are you a fan of Assam? Kean on Keemun? And crazy for Ceylon? If so Breakfast Blend from The Tea Can Company may just be what you need for your next black tea fix!

That’s right…Breakfast Blend from The Tea Can Company features 3 different black tea bases…Assam, Keemun, and Ceylon Black tea trio! It’s all clear to the naked eye as you can see right thru the silken bag it comes in. The black tea bases aren’t overly strong but are still a nice, solid black tea flavor. It has a more earthy taste than anything else.

As far as black teas go Breakfast Blend from The Tea Can Company is darned tasty. I think it would be a good ole stand by tea…perfect for any time of day! A good tea to share with others or drink on a daily or semi-daily basis! I raise my tea cup to you on this one – The Tea Can Company – nicely done!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black Tea
Where to Buy: The Tea Can Company

Description: Enjoy this hearty blend of Assam, Ceylon and Keemun teas at the beginning of or throughout your day. Tastes great with a splash of milk or naturally on its own. Serve hot or cold.
Ingredients: Assam, Keemun and Ceylon Tea, Contains Caffeine

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