Birthday Tea from Adagio (Signature Blend)

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Adagio Tea

Product Description:

A treat for any day of the year! A tasty blend of vanilla, cream, and a touch of caramel. The inclusion of rainbow sugar sprinkles adds a festive note and makes this tea perfect for celebrating your special day.

Created by: Christine Rillo
Contains: vanilla, cream, caramel

Tasters Review:

I LOVE Novelty Teas.  Teas that have a theme or purchase.  You know – ones that think outside of the box – or should I say Tea Cup.

I like this tea just for that reason.  I wouldn’t say it would make my top 100 favorite tasting teas but it’s a nice treat and enjoyable!

This definitely smells like the FROSTING of a cupcake or cake.

It’s a medium strength type black tea taste with a vanilla/cream taste to it.  As it cools a bit I am liking it better.  Not necessarily iced, or cold, but cooling for a few minutes at room temperature, that is.

I think the sprinkles are a brilliant touch in this.  They give it a slight sugar taste to pair with the vanilla and cream flavors.  The caramel is very subtle.

Overall – this tea makes me smile.  I find myself sipping on it from time to time.  If you are looking for something different or a novelTEA…try this out!