The Holiday Season Approaches!


ChristmasLogo1This isn’t a review but an advertisement (sorry guys!)  No, we don’t usually advertise here on this site – this is an anomaly – but because one of the founding SororiTea Sisters is now the Mad Tea Artist behind 52Teas, she gets the privilege of deviating from the norm.

And 52Teas has a Holiday Pre-Sale going on right now on Kickstarter!  This isn’t a typical “fundraising” Kickstarter campaign, instead, this is a chance for you to get some Christmas shopping done early while it helps us keep things just a little more organized by keeping our pre-sales separate from our day-to-day sales activity.

52Teas is offering 5 unique, limited edition teas for this promotion – these teas will be available only during the season and once they’re sold out, they won’t be reblended until next Christmas!

Here’s the specs on those five VITs (Very Important Teas):

  • Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire – This is a special blend of black teas with a hint of Lapsang Souchong to give it that smoky touch that you’d experience from an open fire.  Flavored with chestnut and caramel and just a hint of spice to give it that winter-y kind of appeal.
  • Gingerbread Houjicha – I love the flavor of gingerbread and I think that the roasty-toasty, nutty flavor of houjicha would offer a delightful base to these flavors.
  • Eggnog Chai – A Chai blend (black tea with a touch of honeybush) flavored with notes of custard-y eggnog with an extra dash of nutmeg to enliven the cup.  This would make a great latte to serve Santa on Christmas Eve!
  • Cranberry Orange Cider – A blend of red and green rooibos that’s been flavored with cranberry, orange and apple with a medley of holiday spices.
  • Peppermint Marshmallow Melting in Hot Chocolate – For this blend, I chose a special black tea blend (crafted with teas from our friends at Verdant Tea) for the base that has a rich, natural cacao flavor with hints of malt.  Peppermint, marshmallow and even more chocolate-y flavor to create a deliciously delightful cuppa.

YUM!  So please take a moment to visit the 52Teas Kickstarter Holiday Pre-Sale and get some of that early Christmas shopping done early!  The campaign closes on October 27th so your card won’t be charged until that date, and the teas will be shipped in plenty of time for gift giving!

Thanks for taking a moment to read this . . . now let’s get back to the reviews!

Please Help to Keep the SororiTea Sisters Going!

We need your help!

The SororiTea Sisters has been going for five plus years now.  We began with just two of us:  Anne & Jennifer.

Please click on the pic above to go to our fundraiser!

We were (and still are!) committed to providing honest reviews of tea and tea products and we started out on that philosophy:  to offer our honest opinion about a tea and/or tea product.  We decided at the start that we wouldn’t accept money for advertising from tea companies because we felt that it would create a situation where we felt obligated to say something nice about a tea because the tea company was footing the bill for it.

So, we paid for the blog – well, the blog itself is free, but the domain and the annual registration of the domain costs money!  We also send packages to each other (and now that we have more sisters, we send out packages to all the sisters) and the postage costs money.  And well, times are tight!

So we are now turning to you – our readers! – to ask you to help us out with some of these expenses.  Please check out our GoFundMe campaign and contribute what you can.  Even something as small as one or two dollars helps – every little bit helps!

I greatly dislike asking for money.  I really do.  That’s why I’ve been paying for these expenses out of pocket for the last five years.  Because I don’t want to ask other people for the money for this.  But, as I said, times are tight and I’m finding that this year, it’s been just a little tougher to come up with the money to cover the cost of domain maintenance.  I’m hoping that this next year will be a much better one (things are looking up!) and next year, we won’t need to turn to our readers for support.  But for now, we really need your help!

Every little bit helps.  And PLEASE help spread the word!

Thank you!

We Are Nearing The Home Stretch!

Please help us reach our S-t-r-e-t-c-h Goals!  Please click here and contribute!

52teas3We are nearing the home stretch of our Kickstarter and we’re so excited that we’ve reached our goal and we will be funded.  This means that I will be – together with my daughter, Amethyst – taking over 52Teas as of June 1st!

But we are looking to achieve MORE with our campaign!  The more funds we raise, the more we can invest in equipment to make the business more effective.  We also desperately want a new website!

We have about eight days left on the campaign and I believe we can go FAR with those eight days!  Please click here to go to the campaign and contribute what you can.  As little as $5 will get you some tea – and you’ll have helped build our business and help my dream come to life!  THANK YOU!

And after you’ve contributed, don’t forget to vote!  Right now, backers are voting on five new reblends to add to the campaign reblends, so if you have a favorite 52Teas blend that you’d like to see reblended, please contribute and then VOTE – let me know what tea you’d like to try!

An Announcement!

Hello Everyone!

TeaAs you are probably well-aware by now, I – LiberTEAS – am planning on acquiring 52Teas.  At the close of the Kickstarter campaign, I’ll be busily preparing to get things up and running.  On June 1st, I’ll be releasing my very first tea of the week!  (If you want to know what that flavor will be, check out this update.)

I’m really excited about this new development in my life, but with this new development comes the need for a change in the way things are run here on SororiTea Sisters.

When TeaEqualsBliss and I started this blog some five plus years ago, it was my goal to be able to write honest reviews.  The first tea blog that I wrote for had a ‘positive reviews only’ policy and at first, I supported this idea.  It was my thinking that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.

But being nice and being positive aren’t the same thing.  I realized that I could be nice without being positive.  So instead of being positive, I decided when we started this blog that I would be nice but also honest.  I would approach each product as honestly as I can, without being mean.  I don’t know that I did that with every single review in the thousands that I’ve written over the years but that’s been my goal.  What I can say is that with every single review in the thousands that I’ve written for this blog, each and every one has represented my honest feelings at the time I wrote the review.

And now that I’m about to embark upon a new venture where I’ll be crafting a new tea blend every week as the new Mad Tea Artist of 52Teas, I don’t think that I’ll be as objective as I need to be for the process of writing reviews once I start creating my own teas.  I can’t say that I’d be able to be as unbiased as I need to be when that time comes.

So, I’ve decided to hand off the writing reins to other people who can be as unbiased and honest with reviews so that SororiTea Sisters can continue.  Earlier today, our first review from one of the new SororiTea Sisters published, and I’m so proud and happy that our new SororiTea Sisters have begun writing!  In the weeks ahead, watch for a whole lot more activity on this blog as we now have eight new sisters.  I’ll be dropping off as the time approaches for me to end my time as a SororiTea Sister, but these new sisters are enthusiastic and ready to write!

Please take a minute to check out the Who Are The SororiTea Sisters page to familiarize yourself with the new sisters!

Thank YOU for reading with us – we’ve loved having you along for our tea journey!

We’re Going To Try It Again!

Please visit our Kickstarter campaign!

52teas3Our first Kickstarter campaign was not funded successfully because we didn’t reach our goal of $10,000.  When we reached a point that we realized that we may have been reaching just beyond our grasp, we sat down and reanalyzed our budget and reconsidered our list of needs.

We decided that while a few pieces of the equipment would be really nice and definitely put to good use, they were not absolutely necessary to the function of the business.  We could get by without a couple of those items for the first few months of operations until we got up and running and then we could reinvest in our business and get those items we needed.

The same is true for the inventory order that we were looking to place.  We were looking to get a bit more than was needed for a modest start because it was my initial hope that we could get enough inventory to keep us going for at least two or three months so that I wouldn’t have to place a lot of orders.  We’ll have a lot to do in those first couple of months and I figured the fewer things on the to-do list, the better.

But I realize that anything worth doing and anything worth having is worth the extra work to get it.  So, we cut back on the extras and we streamlined our budget and reduced our goal.  And we’ve launched a new Kickstarter with this fresh, new frame of mind!

Our new ‘start up’ date for our first tea of the week would be June 1st!

Please support our Kickstarter Campaign by clicking here.  Remember, every little bit helps!  And we aren’t asking for a hand-out here!  For contributions as little as $5, you’ll receive a pouch of tea!  We are asking for your support and in return, we’ll gladly send you some tea!

Thank you!