Organic “Sugar Destroyer” Royal Matcha from Red Leaf Tea

Tea Type: Matcha (Green Tea Base)

Where To Buy: Red Leaf Tea

Product Description:

Have you ever heard of Gymnema Sylvestre? Well, not many people have. Gymnema is really quite a neat and interesting herb nicknamed “The Sugar Destroyer” You may wonder why it is called that and you are about to find out. Gymnema is a unique herb that assists in many sugar-related aspects of life. It does not add sugar, replace sugar or any of that. What Gymnema Sylvestre does is this:

Regulates blood sugar levels Curbs your appetite for sweets things and goodies Helps maintain a healthy weight Helps maintain normal cholesterol levelsIdeal for people who have a sweet tooth, this interesting herb makes it easier to resist sugar cravings and ensure healthier life without the needs for something sugary and sweet.

We are pretty excited about this herb, so much so that we have added to our famous and high-quality Matcha Green Tea. Our Sugar Destroy Matcha not only has the many benefits of Gymnema Sylvestre, but also the many health benefits of Matcha Green Tea.

Matcha Green Tea features many healthful qualities such as optimal heart health, cancer-fighting properties and blood detoxification. It also helps burn calories. Combined, Matcha Tea and Gymnema enables sugar to be absorbed in the intestine. This tea blend blocks the sugar taste so you do not crave it as much. Gymnema Sylvestre is very often used in the Ayurvedic (long life) community to help control Types I and II Diabetes. Matcha and Gymnema are also known to help regulate weight loss and cholesterol levels.
The National Institute of Health conducted a study showing that Gymnema can be a safe and effective weight-loss formula that helps reduce excess body weight and BMI (body mass index) while maintaining healthy levels of blood lipids. Source: NIH
You can see, then, that our Sugar Destroyer Matcha works wonders for your body to maintain health and promote healthy weight and healthy living naturally. This is a wonderful combination tea you will love and it will help reduce that sweet tooth while offering many other health benefits.

Tasters Review:

By know you may have noticed I’m a fan of Red Leaf Tea!  They are a great company with a wonderful selection.  I especially enjoy their newer matcha additions!  They have many matcha’s that other companies have NEVER thought of doing – or even attempting!  I like that!  I LOVE when tea companies think outside the box!  Another thing I really like about Red Leaf Tea is their product descriptions!  They really know how to educate their customers!  I really enjoyed learning about Gymnema Sylevestre!

As far as my opinions and findings while sampling this matcha of theirs…I found it to be a very nice, strong , rich, – and HEALTHY – matcha!  Not to mention great quality tasting matcha!  It leaves a leafy green meets veggie aftertaste but it’s darn good!  If you are a matcha fan – this is one you don’t want to pass up!