Product Review: Chai Caramels from Big Picture Farm

big-picture-chaiProduct Information:

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Product Description:  

Big Picture Farm’s goat milk chai caramel won the gold medal in the prestigious 2013 Good Food Awards. The team at Big Picture makes this exquisite caramel with organic chai supplied by their friend Neil Harley of Chai Wallah.

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Product Review:

As you may be aware, I previously reviewed another product that I recently purchased from Treatsie.  I bought these caramels at the same time, because … hello, Chai Caramels?  Yeah!  I gotta try ’em!

I’ve previously tried (and reviewed on my now inactive foodie blog) the goat’s milk caramels from Big Picture Farms, and I really enjoyed those.  Goat’s milk caramels do taste a little different than caramels made with products other than goat’s milk, and it’s a taste that isn’t to everyone’s liking.  I personally like the flavor, because goat’s milk has a certain “tangy” quality to it and I like that contrast to the sugary sweetness of the caramel.

And these caramels are not only made with goat’s milk, but also organic chai tea supplied by Chai Wallah, another product that I’ve previously reviewed!  I was happy to see that Chai Wallah was the supplier of the chai for these confections, because this company makes a very memorable chai.  I’ve tasted a lot of chai in the past, and Chai Wallah makes some of the very best that I’ve tried.

So, I was confident that I’d enjoy these treats from Treatsie!  The caramel is super-fresh, I can feel the freshness as I unwrap the candy:  it feels soft and gooey, and there isn’t even a trace of hardness on the exterior of the candy.  It’s soft and pliable.  When I bite into it, it seems to melt in my mouth (and of course, stick to my teeth a bit – hey, it’s caramel, it’s supposed to do that!)

The first notes I experience are the caramel notes, you know, that “burnt sugar” taste that’s sort of … incredible and delicious?  Then I pick up the tangy notes of the goat’s milk.  Then I start to taste the notes of chai.  The spices hit the palate as I’m chewing on the confection, and they linger in the aftertaste.  Now that I’ve finished the bite of chewy, delicious, caramel-y goodness, I can still taste notes of cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cardamom and pepper.  Mmm!  So good!

Yeah … you gotta try these!  If you’re a fan of chai, you’ll love them.  If you’ve got a sweet t00th, you’ll want more than just the 10-piece pack!  (Trust me on that.)  If you just want to try something that’s a little different than your average caramel … get some of these!

PRODUCT REVIEW: Green Tea Butter Caramels from Fusion Sweets

Where to Buy:  Fusion Sweets on Etsy ~or~ Fusion Sweets website

Product Description:

For some, the taste of childhood is Hershey bars and marshmallow fluff. For me, it is green tea caramel.

Reminiscent of vintage Japanese milk candies, our green tea butter caramels burst with the bright, fragrant, grassy notes of high quality green tea powder.

Taster’s Review:

These are oh-so-delicious!

The caramels are very soft and smooth in texture, although there is a little bit of “grit” (for lack of a better word) from the Matcha green tea.  This in no way detracts from the pleasurable texture of the caramels, though.

The Matcha gives these caramels a delicious twist on the classic caramel taste.  There are creamy, milky sweet tones from the caramel that meld so perfectly with the vegetative and vibrant notes from the Matcha.  It tastes … well, it tastes like Matcha and caramel!  And what a wonderful way to enjoy the health benefits of this green tea.

Yes, that’s right.  This is health food.  It’s good for me.  They’re Super-Candies! So, it’s quite alright to indulge in another … and another … and even another.  (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it)  My only lament about these “uper-candies is that now, they are gone…

If you love Matcha, these treats are a MUST TRY!  And buy a bunch, you’ll be glad you did!