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cookie tea

52Teas’ the 12 Teas of Christmas – Day 3- Spoilers

Day 3!

Today’s flavor is Raspberry Almond Cookie Honeybush.  Right away I notice the fragrant raspberry scent and see the vibrant color pop of dried raspberries in the dry leaf.

This is an herbal blend that reminds me a bit of those thumbprint jam cookies that pop up on cookie plates during this time of year.  This blend is a bit more marzipan than butter cookie, but the almond nuttiness still pairs well with the natural caramelly, woodsy flavors of the honeybush.

I think this blend is best when brewed hot and strong for maximum flavor from the honeybush. Play up the dessert name by serving it as a foamy latte. Perfect for a before bed brew while putting out the cookie plate for Santa.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Honeybush
Where to Buy: 52Teas

When it comes to my tea flavors, there is usually some sort of inspiration behind it. Quite often, it was a flavor conceived during an afternoon of browsing through Pinterest. (I do like Pinterest!) I don’t really recall where I got the idea for a Raspberry Almond Cookie tea – but if I were to place a bet, my bet would be that I found it during a Pinterest browse.

I’ve never had a raspberry almond cookie. But when I think of “Raspberry Almond Cookie” – my mind evokes a thought of one of those little thumbprint type of cookies, you know, the cookies with a little indentation in the center where you could put a dollop of jam or marmalade? So, imagine that – if you would. A delicate almond shortbread that engulfs a little mound of raspberry jam.

And that’s exactly what this tastes like. I taste a good amount of raspberry and almond flavor and even a hint of buttery cookie. This is a naturally caffeine free treat – so it would make for a perfect dessert-y drink that you can enjoy before bedtime without worry that it’ll keep you up past your bedtime!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Orange Cookie from Fox Tea Club

This is my first tea from the Fox Tea Club, and it has such an enticing name: Orange Cookie!

This black tea is blended with cardamom, cinnamon, and big beautiful slices of dried orange.  In the dry leaf, the tea smelled like a sweeter chai, with lots of bright citrus and cozy cinnamon.  Brewed, this scent continued, making this tea seem like the halfway point between bright, citrusy breakfast black teas and warm, spicy, chai teas.

Brewed, the black tea base really comes to the forefront with orange and spices lingering at the back of each sip, and in the scent.  The black tea is earthy and robust, with a smooth mouthfeel that reminds me of a pu erh tea.

Maybe I just have a sweet tooth, but I’m not getting the cookie flavors in this tea.  I think it would pair very well with some cookies, but on its own it is much more traditional and subdued.  To make it more cookie-like, I would brew it with more sweetener and milk next time. If you’re not into dessert teas, don’t let this name discourage you, this might just be the well-balanced orange and spice black tea that you’re looking for!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black
Where to Buy: Fox Tea Club

Dried orange rind and aromatic spices will surely make this tea a favorite black tea to sip with good friends by the fire on a snowy winter evening. Hints of cinnamon and cloves balance the richness of the black tea. A spiced orange pomander in a cup!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

On the 3rd Day of Christmas 52Teas Sent to Me (Spoilers!!)

If you are following along with me in drinking and revealing the 12 Teas of Christmas, grab the 3rd Day of Christmas pouch and lets see what tea we have in store for us.

The 3rd Day of Christmas is . . . . . . .

Snickerdoodle  Reimagined

For me, this is a flavor that is really hard to nail. I’m quite picky with my Snickerdoodle cookies and that same level of snobbiness exists when you talk about teas that are supposed to be like anything Snickerdoodle related. Either the spices are too strong or too weak.

But not in this blend. . .

This Snickerdoodle blend is the perfect marriage between those cinnamon spices and a baked good vanilla warmth through each and every sip. I couldn’t put my cup down. I found myself re steeping the leaves several times over to get that soul soothing warmth again and again. This tea is that delicious.

What I loved most was how you could tell that was some serious thought into this tea. The black tea gave you that breaded baked good tone while the cinnamon and vanilla flavors really sold you on the Snickerdoodle flavor.

Again, I have to report that I completely took this pouch down in no time at all. With the weather turning ridiculously cold, icy, and snowy on us, this tea really spoke to me and gave me all the love I needed, infusion after infusion, pot after pot. I can’t tell you have many times I resteeped the leaves.

Another fabulous tea from this 12 Teas of Christmas! I can’t tell you how impressed I am with this year’s offering three teas in. I’m excited to see what tomorrow brings!

Here is the official description of this tea. Please note that I write my review before seeing the description.

Happy 3rd Day of our Christmas Tea Countdown, everyone!

I was really happy that this tea did so well in the poll. While it was a reblend – it was one that I took a great deal of liberTEA with when I recreated it – and so I was happy to know that people enjoyed my reinterpretation of this classic favorite!

Snickerdoodle – Reimagined Black Tea!

Tea Description:  I was just going to go with my previously composed tea description for this tea, but my recipe changed slightly from my first reblend. My original description went like this:

This tea was reblended to fulfill one of the “You Choose the Reblend” rewards purchased on our start-up Kickstarter. The backer had mentioned to me that she wished that the original blend had more of a cookie-like flavor and when I agreed with her, she asked if I could maybe reblend it but add some cookie-ness to the tea, I said I’d give it a try.

I used my go-to black tea base of Chinese and Indian teas and added pieces of cinnamon and minced vanilla bean and all-natural flavors. The result is a yummy tea with prevalent notes of cinnamon and vanilla and a delicious cookie flavor. You’ve gotta try it!

Since I was looking to enhance the cookie note even further from my first attempt at this blend, I added some organic Vietnamese black tea to the blend (this rounded out the flavor of the base just a little more) and changed the recipe slightly to bring out the cookie flavor. By offering a smoother, more rounded tea base, the cookie notes seemed to pop a little more! The result is more yum with every sip!

All Organic Ingredients: Black Teas, Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean and Natural Flavors.

After I reblended this tea last year, I called it “Snickerdoodle – Reimagined” because I took some creative license with the recrafting of this tea. Instead of going with the simple, straightforward combination of vanilla and cinnamon that the original tea was, I wanted to give the tea a freshly baked cookie taste because when I think Snickerdoodle, I think cookie. I heard from a few tea drinkers that they weren’t really getting a whole lot of cookie-ness to my first reblend of this tea so when it was a high vote getter in the poll, I saw that as an opportunity to work on that cookie flavor.

And while I did taste some cookie flavor in the previous reblend – I taste more now – so here’s hoping that you guys taste it too!

To that end, it is important to give this tea a little bit of cooling time. Really, this is important of all the teas I create. The flavorings that are used begin to emerge when the temperature of the tea drops a little. That’s not to say that the tea needs to be chilled – but let the temperature cool to a drinkable temperature. Let it cool for at least 10 minutes (or even 15 minutes) before you start sipping. This will encourage those flavors to come forward.

The black tea has a really nice, well-rounded flavor. It’s invigorating and bold but not aggressive. I’m not getting bitterness. I’m not getting a lot of astringency either. Just a strong yet smooth black tea flavor. The cinnamon isn’t overpowering (cinnamon has a tendency to get that way!) There’s a nice vanilla note that softens the cinnamon note. The cinnamon and vanilla are the two most prominent flavors in this cup but I am also getting a background of cookie.

To brew: Don’t overleaf this one (I find that with too much leaf, the tea becomes astringent.) A slightly rounded teaspoon of tea to 12 ounces of boiling water – and let it steep for 2 1/2 minutes. Strain and let cool for 10 minutes. Enjoy!

Good without sweetener but a teensy bit of sugar will enhance the overall ‘cookie’ taste.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Flavored Black Tea
Where to Buy: 52Teas

This tea – as well as the others from the 12 Teas of Christmas box – will be available on the website on December 28th!

Learn even more about this tea company here!

Snickerdoodle from Simpson & Vail

I have never been a fan of red rooibos, although I tried one or two flavored ones that I liked simply because the flavoring covered up the base. I have been eager to try green rooibos to see if I would like it because I would love to find some caffeine-free options for evenings, but it has to be something I really enjoy, or why bother?

I was pretty excited to see that my first ever green rooibos was going to be in a flavored tea that celebrates and imitates one of my favorite cookies – Snickerdoodles.

Wow! Simpson and Vail knocked it out of the ballpark on this one! This is sweet, I guess from the blackberry leaves, and the cinnamon is forefront but not “cinnamon red hot candy” strong. It really tastes like you have just had a bite of a cookie with that cinnamon sugar dusting on the outside.

My daughter immediately said, “This tastes like Christmas!” And I am happy because I have found my evening cup of indulgence for this winter.

Way to go, Simpson and Vail!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Herbal
Where to Buy: Simpson & Vail


When we were kids Jim came home from elementary school with some recipes his teacher had given him (perhaps for an upcoming bake sale). I’ll never forget the day our Mom made a batch of Snickerdoodle cookies. They were an instant favorite in our house! The recipe was lost for awhile and we would continually ask Mom for “those lovely cinnamon cookies”. You never saw four happier kids than when she found the recipe again.

If you are a cinnamon lover then this Rooibos blend is for you! When you open the bag, the aroma of cinnamon cookie happily greets you. The brewed cup is amber colored with the taste of fresh baked snickerdoodle cookies. The sweet cinnamon taste lingers deliciously on the tongue.

Ingredients: Organic Green Rooibos, organic cinnamon pieces, sweet blackberry leaf and flavoring.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Yuzu Ginger Macaron Cookie White Tea from 52Teas

YuzuMacaronforSSTea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy: 52Teas

Tea Description:

The inspiration for this tea is actually one of our start-up Kickstarter backers that purchased a “create a tea of the week” option when she contributed to that campaign (thank you!) – she wanted a Yuzu Ginger Macaron Cookie Tea and she wasn’t sure if she wanted that with our White Peony base or our green tea blend. She told me that she’d leave that decision to me so I tested out both bases with these flavors and I ultimately decided that the White Peony tea made a better base for these flavors. The Yuzu fruit notes were not as well defined with the green tea – but with the white tea you get a juicy, citrus-y burst of flavor that’s tart and tangy, a wee bit sweet and a wee bit bitter – just like the Yuzu itself. 

The ginger adds a warm dimension of flavor and I’m even getting a slight almond-y meringue note that evoke thoughts of a delicate macaron cookie. I gotta admit that when I was given this cookie tea challenge, I was more than just a little worried because Yuzu is not a flavor that I’m very familiar with and I worried that I wouldn’t do right by the Yuzu fruit. And whether or not I actually have done that – I’ll leave it for you to decide after you’ve tasted it. As for me, I’m quite pleased with how this turned out.


Learn more about this tea here.

Learn about subscribing to 52Teas Tea of the Week program here.

Taster’s Review:

I will be honest.  I am not a fan of ginger teas. Never have been. I find that the overwhelming flavor of the ginger just hinders the rest of the tea.  But that was until I discovered this tea.

At the beginning, this tea had me at the word “Cookie”. I am not a huge cookie fan either but I love trying any tea that has a dessert or baked good flavor and feel to them. This tea came in my last order with 52Teas and was (I believe) a last minute add in.

While I was combing thru my tea stash tonight, I noticed it and thought, I feel adventure some this eve, let’s go with it! I brewed the tea up per the instructions on the package.  All the while the tea was steeping, I was enjoying this lovely ginger baked good aroma.  This is one of those smells you want to bottle up and put in candle form.

After a few minutes of steeping, I poured myself a really large cuppa and sat down to let the tea cool for a few minutes.  (The package indicated to do this).  I couldn’t wait the full time it said to wait because the aromas were just mouth watering and I needed a sip.

First impression of this tea? This tea is a muted gingersnap cookie where the flavors are subtle and not overwhelming and smack you in the face. More or less a subtle ginger note surrounding by this cookie almost buttery like flavor.  I didn’t pick up any of the Yuzu and to be honest, I had to research the fruit anyway. I guess the fruit is sour so I was glad it was a hidden flavor. I was quite surprised by how I couldn’t pick out the white tea base. Usually with 52Teas, I can always pick up the tea base, but this one I really couldn’t. All I was getting was this lovely light gingersnap cookie tea. I mean this tea made me want to eat a cookie and I can’t tell you the last time I ate a cookie.

Anne from 52Teas has always told me that the second infusion of a white tea is the best so I eagerly prepped my tea kettle up for the second infusion. I let the tea steep for just a minute or two longer before I sat down to enjoy. I instantly starting drinking the tea this time around instead of waiting. Which turned out to be an great decision!

The brew this second go around had a much richer and deeper flavor to it. The ginger was still not overwhelming but the spice wanted your attention. That buttery cookie like undertone was more prominent really giving your taste buds that cookie baked good like flavor. I still didn’t pick up any of the Yuzu or white tea but at this point I really didn’t mind. This tea was amazingly rich and full of flavor. This is one of those teas that wakes up your tastes buds.

I’m eagerly awaiting my third infusion now to see what happens with this round. Can’t believe how much I’m enjoying this tea!