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doctor who

Bad Wolf from Geeky Teas. . . .

What a clever tea! For those who don’t already know, Bad Wolf is a pop culture reference from the long running British tv show, Dr. Who. The Doctor’s companion in that series was named Rose. She was a street smart, brave, adventurous working-class British girl.

If you have seen the full Bad Wolf series, you know that Rose is no shrinking violet. (See what I did there?) So a tea named Bad Wolf can NOT be a foofy, princessy teatime blend. It has to be STRONG! But it has to have the essence of Rose, too, and the love that never, ever died.

Don’t go into this tea expecting a Victorian romance novel. They named it Bad Wolf, not Rose!

This is a bold black tea base with a hint of rose, the peppery kind of rose, running beneath. I have found that when rose flavor in tea is subtle, it tends to lend subtle sweetness rather than tasting full on floral. That’s the case with this tea for me. The lingering aftertaste is a little sweet, but not overly floral or cloying.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  Geeky Teas

Black floral rose tea

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

RYCBAR by Fandom Teas. . . .

I’m a Doctor Who fan and, even with the information that this is an “impossible girl” inspired tea, it still took me several seconds to figure out what the name of this blend meant. Maybe my brain was just really slow today? Hopefully you can figure it out faster. 😉

I steeped two teaspoons of this tea in ten ounces of 175-degree water for three minutes.

While steeping, it starts smelling fruity right away. This is a flavored tea (raspberry-pomegranate flavored) and the tea liquid is much darker than an unflavored green tea would. That might be from the raspberry, although it’s not really pink; it’s a sort of clear and handsome brown color with a reddish tinge.

First sip: It’s definitely fruity and sweet. Pomegranate and raspberry are both quite tart fruits, but the tartness isn’t coming through too strongly here, although yes, there is quite a bit of astringency. The fruity flavors complement each other well, and the green tea base sings backup; I’m hard put to it to distinguish its flavor components separately, yet I can still tell it’s there.

With sugar: Sweeter, of course. But surprisingly, I can taste the green tea base a bit more now. The sugar tames the astringency but doesn’t really bring out the fruity flavors like I hoped/assumed it would.

I bet this one would be great as iced tea too, but wouldn’t want to try milk with it because it might be too acidic for that.

All in all a fun tea, and one that I’d like to try iced (or as cold-brew) if I ever have the chance to try it again!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green Tea
Where to Buy: Fandom Teas

This tea is no longer available but click below for Doctor Who teas that are.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Whouffle From Adagio’s Signature Blends


Being a Whovian, I have a soft spot for anything Doctor Who related. Especially for any Doctor Who teas. I can’t get enough of them. So I just had to try this one.

This particular blend even screams out more to me since it isn’t an earl grey blend. Whouffle is a blend of almond and raspberry black teas mixed with vanilla oolong. There is also a generous dose of cinnamon thrown in. With Adagio Signature Blends, they can heavy with the black teas and taste muddy. This has to be one of the best ones I’ve ever had.

Think about a gorgeous dessert comprised of an almond crust topped with a lush raspberry filling with a drizzle of a cinnamon syrup. That is what this tea tastes like. All of the flavors are insanely smooth and bursting with flavor.  I’m literally on my fourth infusion of the tea and although the flavors are weaker, this tea is still on point. I’ve even thrown in a shot of bourbon just to enjoy my evening even more.

Each sip of this tea has you wanting for more. This tea is sweet, smooth, and full of flavors. A wonderful substitute for any leftover Halloween candy that you might still be snacking on.

Whouffle will be a tea that I start buying in the big boy size from now on. And I would encourage everyone to do the same- even if you are a Doctor Who fan or not.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Flavored Oolong/Black Tea Blend
Where to Buy: Adagio Teas

Light, sweet, and fluffy, with crisp raspberry jam. Souffles and jammy dodgers for the sweetest, fluffiest OTP ever. Carry this tea with you on your first journey through time and space, and you will miraculously never spill a drop!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Rose & The Doctor from Pinch of Geek

I have to say I have no personal connection with the tribute story behind this tea but I was excited to try Rose & The Doctor from A Pinch of Geek regardless! I know Nichole (AKA Cuppageek) is a major fan of the show and I have to say I am almost to the point of wanting to start the series! Perhaps this tea is the final push I need?

Rose & The Doctor from A Pinch of Geek is basically an Earl Grey with a heavy load of aromatic rose petals. There are also hints of lavender and vanilla, too. Even tho they are only ‘hints’ of those two ingredients I think they play a very important part in this flavor combination. The petals seem to stomp on the earl grey and the lavender and vanilla seem to even it out and provide a tad of creaminess to it, too!

I was a bit concerned at the amount of rose petals I was seeing. Would it be ‘all rose’ and no black tea flavor? I was hoping that wasn’t the case. And it WASN’T! Everything meshed together so nicely. I don’t think I would change a thing! I can officially say I’m a fan of Rose & The Doctor from A Pinch of Geek! Now…will a be a fan of the show Doctor Who? Time will tell.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black Tea
Where to Buy: Pinch of Geek


Rose & The Doctor is my nod to one of my favorite shows, Doctor Who. This tea is Earl Grey black tea with a hint of vanilla blended with a touch of lavender, rose hips, and dried roses. This tea does have high caffeine. This tea blend has no artificial flavorings or added flavor oils. There are no added sugars or flavorings.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

#FanaticFriday: Timey Wimey Tea from Because UR Priceless

Being a HUGE Whovian, I couldn’t wait to check this blend out- Timey Wimey from BecauseURpriceless instantly impressed me. The packaging was superb and I loved the whole look of the tea itself.  Pops of bright blue on a bed of black tea and little sparks of light orange.

But as I mentioned in my earlier post today, I had some hesitation because  . .earl grey blends and I have not been the bestest of friends. And that is exactly what this blend is-a mix of earl grey tea and vanilla. But first whiff of this tea and I knew we would be best friends.

Gorgeous smooth vanilla notes mix perfectly with the light tones of the earl grey base. I couldn’t stop smelling the dry leaves. One of those blends that you want to bottle into a candle. I was hoping that those notes I was smelling would translate into a wonderful cuppa.

Set about prepping my tea pot up with freshly boiled water and allowed the two 1/2 scoops of tea to steep for 3 minutes. Took my first sip and  .  .sigh. . .I’m in love.

Rich luxurious vanilla tones that are smooth and decadent start the sip off with a hint of the bergamot here and there with a citrus finish.  The black tea base really lays way for the rich flavors to really take the spotlight. Being one that is not a huge bergamot fan, I appreciated the hints here and there but not dominating the brew.  The citrus notes were the perfect ending.  Each sip is as smooth as the last, even as the tea cools.

I can only imagine how dynamite this tea would be as a cold brew and plan on trying it. This is a tea I’m finding myself craving through out the day.  One of those teas I think I’m going to need to get a stock of for work and home.

One of those perfectly blended earl grey teas and one that is a perfect dedication to the Doctor! .

Have a tea you are fanatic? Join us on Fridays where we share our favorite teas!  Tag your favorite blend with #FanaticFriday!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black Tea
Where to Buy  :Because UR Priceless


Binge watching The Doctor?
TIMEY WIMEY TEA™ is a great accompaniment to all that wibbly wobbly time stuff. Savor this fascinatingly delicious blend of properly British Earl Grey Tea, citrusy orange peel, Tardis blue cornflowers, and smooth vanilla – no sonic screwdriver required. (Not a Dr. Who fan? That’s ok…you’ll enjoy this tea blend too.)

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!