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Estate Tea

Giddapahar Wonder, 2nd Flush 2016, Darjeeling Exclusive from Lochan Tea Limited

Recently, I started my day with Giddapahar Wonder, 2nd Flush 2016, Darjeeling Exclusive from Lochan Tea Limited.  I wasn’t sure if it would be as strong as I was looking for to start my day but I was wrong!  This is one of the stronger Darjeeling teas I have tried!

Giddapahar Wonder, 2nd Flush 2016, Darjeeling Exclusive from Lochan Tea Limited is fairly complex but definitely a tea to take your time with while still being a strong cuppa which is great for mornings!  It has that stereotypical Darjeeling taste but it’s magnified!  Let me TRY to explain this a bit more…

The dry leaves are crisp.  Length-wise they are on the shorter side but of various lengths and multiple shades of light and medium brown.  As I sniff the dry leaves the nose isn’t overly noticeable but I can pick up a lighter Darjeeling notes that are crisp and clean. This was just the beginning of my tea experience with Giddapahar Wonder, 2nd Flush 2016, Darjeeling Exclusive from Lochan Tea Limited.

Once I infused this tea it really came to life!  It ‘brewed’ to a lovely, rich medium brown color.  The infused aroma of Giddapahar Wonder, 2nd Flush 2016, Darjeeling Exclusive from Lochan Tea Limited was a combination of sweet and wet wood, somewhat muscatel and subtle smoky notes hiding deep underneath, hints of dark chocolate,  and even specs of raisins.

The taste of Giddapahar Wonder, 2nd Flush 2016, Darjeeling Exclusive from Lochan Tea Limited offers many of those Darjeeling tastes you may be looking for but a more deep and rich taste on the tongue.  This is a very strong Darjeeling that surprises and delights me as I usually find Darjeelings to be more mellow.  Instead of this having delicate floral notes I pick up on the other flavors more-so.  The aftertaste leaves a STRONG earthy taste that lingers.

All-in-all…Giddapahar Wonder, 2nd Flush 2016, Darjeeling Exclusive from Lochan Tea Limited is pretty impressive.  There are MANY layers to this tea and if you like picking apart those layers like I do I think you will reGiddapahar16SF_InfusionMacro-autoxautoally enjoy this tea.  If you are a Darjeeling fan looking for something different I also think you will find this one of interest!


Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black Tea
Where to Buy: Lochan Tea Limited
Description:  Since this specific tea was not YET listed on their site at the date of writing this I figured I would include more info about the Giddapahar Estate instead…

About the Tea Estate: Giddapahar is located on a mountain which is just a short drive from Kurseong. The garden is situated at 4864 feet above sea level. The Estate is a small family owned Darjeeling tea estate which is also known as “Eagles Cliff” lying very close to Kurseong town. From the estate, one can view the magnificent site of the mountains which also makes it the perfect site for taking photographs.

Giddapahar is almost 100% covered with pure china tea bushes and has followed the legendary classic grade production of Darjeeling Teas. The tea from Giddapahar Estate is very delicate due to the lower temperatures here and also because the area itself is covered by mist for a good part of the year. Teas are planted and picked by using traditional methods. Due to the temperature, the tea bushes from the estate produce a fine bouquet with great aromatic quality and a delicate floral smell.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Akiya Estate Arunachal Pradesh FTGFOP (CL – SPL) from Capital Tea Limited

Akiya Estate Arunachal Pradesh FTGFOP (CL – SPL) from Capital Tea Ltd. is the tea of the moment here at Sororitea Sisters. Akiya Estate Arunachal Pradesh FTGFOP (CL – SPL) from Capital Tea Ltd. is an Assam that is of medium strength and offers malty and fruity flavors, naturally! The fruity flavors I speak/write of are more like stone-fruit such as a nectarine or peach.

The leaves of Akiya Estate Arunachal Pradesh FTGFOP (CL – SPL) from Capital Tea Ltd. are multiple shades of brown. Tri-colored, even. The aroma has a bit of a peppery aroma if steeped a bit too long but if steeped a bit too long the flavor of the tea is still yummy. It’s quite forgiving, actually.

I can’t remember having another Aikya Estate tea and if I have I don’t think I ever gave it an appropriate review. I’m glad I was able to sample and write one for Akiya Estate Arunachal Pradesh FTGFOP (CL – SPL) from Capital Tea Ltd. It’s a very tasty tea. The full tea experience that will awaken all of the senses! A great way to start the day and for those who like to live life on the wild side maybe ever end your day with this one! I know I have and I enjoyed it! YUM!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black Tea
Where to Buy: Capital Tea Limited

Exceptional quality golden tipped leaves from and esteemed tea maker in Arunachal Pradesh near Assam. These leaves produce an incredibly well rounded and sweet tasting medium bodied tea liquor with complex malty flavour notes and with stone fruit-like overtones.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Singbulli Darjeeling Black Tea First Flush 2014 from Happy Earth Tea

Singbulli_leaf_1024x1024Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black Tea

Where to Buy: Happy Earth Tea

Tea Description:

A well-crafted Darjeeling first flush tea, with refreshing floral and lime notes.

DRY TEA: Long carefully rolled clonal leaves with shades of light and dark green. Amazingly soft and silky to touch. It has a fluffy body therefore you have to use a little more than usual for to make your cup. The dry leaf has herbaceous notes including lemongrass.

INFUSION: The leaves unfurl to vivid green, affording a nose of floral essence. Hints of citrus.

CUP: The pale amber liquor yields offers a sweet floral and lemony aroma. The mouthfeel is smooth and crisp. Sweet floral notes dominate in the palate with a touch of astringency, the underlying briskness that enlivens the cup. The finish is sweet that lingers for a long while.

1.5 tbsp for 8-12 oz cup.

Water Temp: near-boil, 190F

Steeping time 3 minutes.

COLD BREW:  Darjeeling tea tastes just as delicious cold brew. Although the process takes a longer time, it is a wonderful substitute for iced tea. Click here to learn about cold brewing Darjeeling.

Singbulli is located in a Mirik area of Darjeeling and is spread over 473.95 hectare in altitude varying from 1200 to 4000 ft. The garden was established in 1924, and is known for producing some of the best Darjeeling clonal teas.

Learn more about the 2015 First Flush tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Darjeeling Singbulli First Flush 2014 from Happy Earth Tea is a mighty fine Darjeeling, indeed!  It’s organic, fair trade, and has the thumbs-up of the Rain forest Alliance.  Those are just some of the reasons this tea lives up to the company name.  Another reason could be because once I sipped on it – it was so good – if put a smile on my face!

This Darjeeling semi-earthy in a sense that it was ‘green’ and floral but not bitter-floral more of a Sweet Jasmine type floral.  It has a greener flavor moreso like a green tea than a rough and tough black tea base.  This tea held up to multiple infusions, too, which is always appreciated.

I like this Darjeeling Singbulli offering because it’s tasty and nice to have on hand for any time of the day.  It makes a nice hot cup or cold cup of tea.  It has a sturdy taste without being too overbearing.  This tea gets a “HAPPY” review from me!


Organic Singampatti Oothu Estate Black Tea from Arbor Teas

Tea Type:
Black Tea

Where To Buy:
Arbor Teas

Product Description:

This very fine black tea hails from the Oothu estate in the Indian state of Kerala, just miles from the southern tip of the Indian peninsula. Isolated from the rest of the country by the Western Ghats, tea grows at the Oothu Estate amid lush green rainforest and stunning natural beauty. In fact, Oothu translates to “spring of water.” The Singampatti group of estates produce the largest amount of organic tea in the world. This organic, Fair Trade Certified black tea is full-bodied, smooth, and subtly sweet with light to medium astringency.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of Arbor Teas’ business philosophy. In addition to offering an exclusively organic selection of teas, they recently became the first tea company to offer their whole catalog in 100% backyard compostable packaging. They’ve also carbon-offset the entire supply chain of their products, from origin to the customer, making Arbor Teas the greenest option for Earth-conscious tea drinkers, and one of few tea companies recognized by Green America.

Tasters Review:

Many of you know I enjoy sampling Estate Teas but while sipping on the tea I like to read up on the state itself.  I’m very excited Arbor Teas offers this black tea – Organic!  As a matter of fact ALL of the Arbor Teas TEAS are Organic and I think that is wonderful!

Upon first sniff of this tea prior to adding hot water to it the aroma was a black tea with naturally fruity notes.   Once I added the water the aroma morphed to a sweeter-woodsy type smell which was also pleasant.

The flavor of this tea is wonderful!  It’s a cross between a medium-strength black tea that is a bit woodsy-sweet and a cocoa yet slightly fruity flavor.  It certainly is something.

The aftertaste has a coca-type taste to it…perhaps a little like cocoa-powder…to give you an idea of what I am thinking for an aftertaste, that is.

It’s a very satisfying cup and I enjoyed it very much and would suggest it to others who are fans of above average and special-tasting yet true-straight-up black teas!


Indonesian from Mark T. Wendell

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Mark T. Wendell

Product Desription:

An exquisite tea sourced from Indonesia’s Kertasarie Estate, this is a favorite of those who love a strong and stimulating flavor in their cup. Indonesia’s high altitudes, volcanic soil and tropical climate produce a dark and rich tasting tea that is truly unique.

Tasters Review:

I LOVE trying teas from different estates, and, of course, different countries!  I LOVE learning about the histories of the estates!  When I saw this one from the Indonesia’s Kertasarie Estate I HAD to try it!

The first time I tried this tea my initial thoughts were…a bold brew, slightly malty, and rich.  I thought it was ‘good’ for mornings and mid-afternoon lulls.  But I have to admit…the more I drank of this wonderful tea the more I liked it…the more I appreciated it.  It’s a delicious cup!  It’s much more meaningful than I first gave it credit for!  Another interesting thing about this tea is it holds up to multiple infusions well – for a black tea.  The 2nd infusion seemed to be sweeter and juicier yet still bold and very satisfying!

This could easily be a staple in any black tea lovers tea cabinet!