Immunity from Virginia Tea Company. . . .

As the weather turns colder, it becomes a great season for brewing warm tea.  But it also tends to become a season for germs as well. Meet both needs with a cup of Immunity from Virginia Tea Co.  With several powerhouse herbs that boost your immune system, like echinacea and elderberries, this cup is good for both your mental and physical health.

Fragrant ginger and cinnamon are the first notes I smell in this blend.  Those two herbs tend be a cornerstone of most chai blends, so their spiciness is familiar and warming, without the caffeine of black tea.  Upon my first sip, the fruitier flavors of elderberries and tart echinacea fill my senses. The sweet, dark berry flavor of the elderberries lingers the longest on my tongue, with the ginger and cinnamon just a flash of spice in the scent.  If you’re not a fan of chai flavors, don’t worry, this one is much more fruity than spicy.

This herbal tea is pleasantly earthy, and not overly sweet or artificial.  This would be great on its own or brewed with honey if your throat it is scratchy and your morale is low.  I love the idea of a more berry-based blend for those under-the-weather days. I have so many lemon and chamomile restoratives, this Immunity blend adds the perfect variety to my get-well tea cupboard.

Whether you feel a cold coming on, or you just want to be prepared for the season, order up some Immunity from Virginia Tea Co. and stay warm and healthy this cold season.


Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Herbal
Where to Buy: Virginia Tea Co.

As our body’s first line of defense against all illnesses, it is safe to say that our immune system is worth a great deal to us. This blend of ginger, cinnamon, echinacea, elderberries, and eleuthero root are perfectly combined to give your immune system the boost it needs.

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Cold and Flu Relief from Virginia Tea Company

Sometimes you need an herbal tea with lots of roots and leaves and ingredients to make you feel like you’re brewing up a cup of healthiness.  With peppermint, yarrow flower, ginger, echinacea, and elderberry this Cold & Flu Relief blend from Virginia Tea Company really fits the bill.  I’m not a doctor, but if you buy into this kind of thing, these herbal ingredients promote all kinds of benefits like aiding in digestion (mint), settling a nauseous stomach (ginger), and boosting your immune system (echinacea).  There’s also a little pop of vitamin c from the tart elderberries.

This naturally decaf blend is good to drink any time of day, especially if you’re feeling under-the-weather and are getting ready for a midday nap. The overall flavor is smooth and minty, cooling on an itchy throat, with a slight sweet, licorice root undertone from the yarrow flower.  Though there is ginger in this blend, the spice is very mild. You’re not drinking this tea for a kicked-up spicy chai. This is the perfect cup to drink when you need something soothing and gentle, or need a warm beverage to mix with honey to soothe a sore throat.

Whether you aren’t feeling well or are just having a hard day, this blend will help you find some relief and comfort.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Herbal
Where to Buy: Virginia Tea Company
Description: Mother always said the best thing for the flue is to drink something hot! Even better, this hot liquid also includes healing herbs to help your immune system fight your illness.

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Flu Fighter from CaryTown Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Herbal

Where to Buy:  CaryTown Teas

Product Description:

Organic Flu Fighter Blend is a soothing medicinal blend that is designed to help your body fight infection.

Reputed ingredient properties: Ginger root and Lemon Verbena to calm an upset stomach, Elder berries & flower, Cardamom, Chrysanthemum and Holy Basil to boost your immune system and fight infection and reduce fever, Chamomile to sooth an aching body, Linden flower for nasal congestion and Hibiscus, which is extremely high in vitamin C.

Taster’s Review:

My husband has been sick for a few days; he has the flu.  I don’t want the flu; but I don’t like needles, so I avoid shots whenever possible.  Flu shots are optional so I don’t get them.  I think I’d rather risk the flu than get a shot.  That being said, I still don’t want to get the flu, so I am hoping that this tea will help out!

The first time I brewed a cup, I steeped it for only five minutes, which is my usual maximum steep time when it comes to teas with hibiscus.  However, after those five minutes, I can barely taste the hibiscus.  There is a hint of tartness that accents the elderberry flavor.  This tisane has a very light taste and texture – and usually with a hibiscus blend, the texture is quite thick.

Which leads me to think that this tisane is safe for a longer steep time!  For my second cup, I steeped it for a full eight minutes, and the flavor is much stronger.  Even so, the flavor of the hibiscus is not the most dominate flavor here.  There is – of course – some tartness from the hibiscus, and a little more thickness to the body than with the first cup, but the hibiscus did not overpower the cup the way I thought it might!  What a delightful surprise, this tisane!

There is a bright, lemony flavor in the background of this tisane, and a sweet-tart berry taste in the foreground.  I can taste hints of a minty-like taste from the tulsi (holy basil) that sort of weaves its way in and out of the sip.  There is a slight warmth from the ginger and cardamom – not much! – and it gives it a very soothing effect.  Adding to that sense of calm is the chamomile.  The ginger and cardamom flavors develop as I make my way down the cup, but even by the end of the cup, the taste is not strongly spiced.

Before I tasted this, I expected it to taste quite medicinal, but it doesn’t.  It does have a herbal-y taste to it, which is to be expected, but, it doesn’t come off as medicine-y, it is more like a pleasing chamomile tea that one might enjoy at the end of a long day to encourage a feeling of tranquility.

I do recommend a little drizzle of honey with this blend – honey is not only loaded with antioxidants, but it also enhances the flavor as well, which is a little bland without the honey.  But with just a little honey, I am finding this to be a really enjoyable drink.