We Are Nearing The Home Stretch!

Please help us reach our S-t-r-e-t-c-h Goals!  Please click here and contribute!

52teas3We are nearing the home stretch of our Kickstarter and we’re so excited that we’ve reached our goal and we will be funded.  This means that I will be – together with my daughter, Amethyst – taking over 52Teas as of June 1st!

But we are looking to achieve MORE with our campaign!  The more funds we raise, the more we can invest in equipment to make the business more effective.  We also desperately want a new website!

We have about eight days left on the campaign and I believe we can go FAR with those eight days!  Please click here to go to the campaign and contribute what you can.  As little as $5 will get you some tea – and you’ll have helped build our business and help my dream come to life!  THANK YOU!

And after you’ve contributed, don’t forget to vote!  Right now, backers are voting on five new reblends to add to the campaign reblends, so if you have a favorite 52Teas blend that you’d like to see reblended, please contribute and then VOTE – let me know what tea you’d like to try!

The Great 52Teas Take Over!

52teas3Please visit out Kickstarter Campaign here and help us take over 52Teas!

So it’s been no big secret that I am a big fan of 52Teas!  If you’ve read many of my reviews, you know that they’re part of my tea collection – a big part of it!

Recently, I was approached by Frank of 52Teas (he’s the Chief Zoomdweebie of 52Teas and Southern Boy Teas) and he told me that he wants to narrow his focus to the iced tea business, that his passion is iced teas.  So, he has been trying to get things going for his iced teas so that he can take Southern Boy Teas to bigger and better things.

Please consider helping Frank raise funds to accomplish this by contributing to his Indiegogo Campaign.

But there’s still 52Teas.  So, he asked me if I wanted to take over the 52Teas brand.


What an opportunity!

Actually, what Frank said was:

Unless we take over the 52Teas brand that after March 2015, the five plus year mission to create a new tea every week will end.

I don’t want to see 52Teas come to an end.  I’ve really enjoyed many of those teas.  And there were some that yeah, I thought I could improve on – well, this opportunity gives me the ability to do that too!

My passion for tea is pretty obvious at this point, at least to those of you who have read my ramblings for any amount of time.  I love tea.  So, this is an outrageously amazing opportunity for me.

I was a little worried though, because I did try the tea thing once before as LiberTEAS.  That’s how I got my moniker, I used to blend and flavor my own line of teas and sell them online.  I closed that business because while I loved creating the teas, I didn’t love the business end of things.  I didn’t love paperwork and making sure that my inventory was accounted for and filing taxes and stuff like that.  Hated it!

So, I thought long and hard about this decision.  Then I thought about it some more.  Then I turned to my oldest daughter for advice.  I went into the discussion hoping that she’d either tell me:  Yes!  You should do this … or NO!  You shouldn’t even think about it.

What I didn’t anticipate is that she’d ask me:  “Can I do this with you?”

And so, our partnership was born.  Amethyst is a very focused, organized type of person that is just the kind of person I need to do the stuff that I wasn’t fond of doing before:  She enjoys paperwork and all that other stuff.  With her heading up the business side of things, that frees me up to stay creative and keep working on amazing tea blends.  Because that’s what I do best.

My Sweet Caramel o’Mine Tea – yes, I will be bringing this one back under 52Teas – but only if we reach our goal!

When I started out in the tea business more than ten years ago, I can honestly say that I was very naive and I didn’t really know what I was doing.  All I knew is that I wanted to create the best chocolate tea that I could.  And I did that.  And I also created some other amazing teas too.  But I didn’t really have the contacts I needed to push those teas to the next level.

But in the last six years, I’ve been reviewing teas and that has put me in touch with some pretty remarkable resources.  I am less naive and I feel like I’m going to be able to take 52Teas to new heights.

I want to be creating teas again!  I want to be the person who is creating those unique and yummy flavor combinations like Raspberry Almond Cookie and Coconut Lime Cupcake.

The only obstacle is that we need money to get our project off the ground and that’s where you come in.  I recently launched a Kickstarter Campaign and I’m hoping that I can count on your support to make my dream a reality.

I have the passion for tea.  My daughter has the business sense and the drive to propel the business.  We just need the ‘Kick Start’ to make it all happen.

Please help us make this happen!  We can’t do it without you.

You can visit our Kickstarter Campaign here.  Please help in any way you can – even five dollars will help us get that much closer to our goal!