Jin Xuan Black Tea from Gabriel Global Trade Co., LTD.

JinXuanBlackTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black Tea

Where to Buy: Gabriel Global Trade Co., LTD.

Tea Description:

Jin Xuan black tea, made from Jin Xuan tea, has a special honey and fruit smell taste. The aroma of tea soup is particularly evident. The flavor is different than the general black tea. It’s suitable for the early adopters who prefer the fragrance.

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Taster’s Review:

Jin Xuan Black Tea from Gabriel Global Trade Co., LTD. is a black tea that is not only terrifically tasty – it’s pretty darned special in other ways too!  Let me explain.  Eric from Gabriel Global told me that this specific tea – their Jin Xuan Black Tea – is a new breed of tea.  It’s been grown in between 600 and 800 meters altitude.  It has a similar taste as Oriental Beauty but at just below 1/3 of its price.  It tastes different that a traditional black tea.  I agree with his comment of it tasting different than your average black tea, however, I also think it’s far superior in not only taste but aroma when it comes to comparing it to Oriental Beauty, too.

Upon opening the bag I was overjoyed at the amazing aroma of this dry loose leaf tea.  It was naturally scented – dancing with the combination of sweet honey and fruit – maybe plum – and it was truly amazing!  The  very long and winding dry loose leaves were a sight to see, too!  They were mostly black or grey in color with an occasional light brown or khaki-colored spec morphed in.  The first time I tried a cup of this Jin Xuan Black Tea I had a hard time fitting it in my over-size infuser that went directly into my cup but I hardly saw that as a downfall – it just made this tea more interesting!  Once I added the water on to the tea leaves the aroma was still impressive but it changed a bit incorporating a fairly strong bakey or crusty type of aroma mixed in with the honey and fruit notes I mentioned prior to infusion.  The taste of this tea is out of this world.  I don’t say this often but I give this tea 100 out of 100.  Yes!  It’s True!  This tea is on my short list of absolute favorites in the tea world!  It’s incredible in every way!  I’m going to try and save this tea for special occasions or a bad day when I need a smile – but I will tell you right now – it’s going to be hard because THIS tea – Jin Xuan Black Tea – is one that I could easily drink every day – never getting sick of it while still appreciating it for it’s wonderful quality, taste, and aroma!