White Grapefruit Tea from Shanti Tea

Tea Type:
White Tea

Where To Buy:
Shanti Tea

Product Description:

Leaf Aroma: Citrus

Infusion Aroma: Grapefruit, slightly floral

Infusion Color: Light Amber

Base Flavor: Grapefruit

Infusion Strength: Medium-Light

Tasters Review:

My opinion is…there can never be enough Grapefruit Flavored Teas.  But not all of the Grapefruit Flavored teas I have tried have been all that wonderful.  Shanti has broke that chain!  Their White Grapefruit Tea has perfect white tea and mellow notes of grapefruit…not just the ‘meat’ of the grapefruit but the pith, too.   This tea balances the juicy citrus with a hint of bitter to make it taste like true grapefruit!

I wasn’t left wanting after sipping on this one!  Thanks Shanti!